How to Avoid Running Out of Stock as a Lash Technician

I know, you might look at the title and think ‘just buy more!’ but it’s so common to get caught short, or to just not know that you need a solid plan in place when you start a business! If you, like a lot of us used to, rely on memory and ‘just getting stuff as you need it’ you might want to reconsider…

Picture this, you think you have enough lash glue. You don’t remember when you ordered it but you lashed with it on Friday and it felt fine - at least two more days’ worth of use. You’ll order more later. Only your client lays down, you clean their lashes and draw out your map, only to find that your glue is stringy, or maybe isn’t even coming out at all.

Now what? I mean it doesn’t really bear thinking about - you order some right this second and it comes tomorrow (probably) but who knows what time? That could be 2-3 days of cancelled clients that you have to shuffle around which isn’t ideal. So how do we avoid the issues that come with running out of stock? 

Tip 1 - Take Inventory

You need to be really aware of your stock level at all times - how much glue do you use in a month? How many lashes on average? Do you have enough of each pretreatment product to last you a week? While we send everything with express shipping and get orders out as fast as we possibly can, there is always a possibility of delays! 

It’s better to keep your liquids out of direct sunlight and as airtight as you can (especially glue!) but you’ll need to be able to conduct a quick headcount when you open the drawer or cupboard they’re in - how many do you have? How many are open? How long will they last?

Tip 2 - Label Your Liquids

Be aware of the date that you opened a product which will eventually expire, particularly your glue! 

Any eyelash extension glue you buy has a 6 month shelf life from the date of production (don’t worry, we helpfully print that on the bottom of the bottle AND on the aluminium pouch that it comes in so this isn’t something you need to find out by yourself!) prior to being opened, and once you have opened it, it needs to be used within 2 months. 

Whenever you open a new bottle of glue, tape a piece of tape and your mapping pen, and just pop the date on it. It’s up to you whether you write the date that you opened it, or if you write the date that you need to replace it, but either way, clear labelling will help you to avoid any mishaps!  

Tip 3 - Plan Ahead

Once you know well enough how quickly you go through each product, schedule an hour or two each month where you order all your stock. Keep a list of items you need on a spreadsheet or even in the back of your diary and use it when you come to place your order each month. 

To make it even easier for you to stay fully stocked, consider signing up to our glue subscription service - you can get your favourite glue delivered every 2, 4, or 6 weeks depending on when you need it, it’s dispatched and delivered automatically,and it’s 15% cheaper than the glue would be normally! 

Tip 4 - Don’t Overstock

Planning ahead is only effective if you only plan for what you actually need - it’s very easy to end up with loads of stock you won’t use or will try to use once it’s too old so don’t be tempted to place a massive order to ‘cover you for months’ when it will actually be a waste of your time, money and products (not to mention potentially harming your reputation!)