London Lash Black Friday Sales: How to Grab a Bargain

Black Friday sales are swiftly approaching and you would be forgiven for thinking that with the London Lash Black Friday sale being entirely online, that there will be no queues to beat, but what if I told you that every year, we get messages from people who have left it just slightly too long, and have missed out on their necessities as a result? 

Lucky for you, I’ve compiled a list of my top tips for getting ahead this Black Friday, to ensure you get everything you need,and everything you want!


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Step 1 - Make a List of Lash Products 

First, you’re going to list the lash products youneed - your glue, your pretreatment, your lashes. Next, you’re going to list everything youwant - all of those things you’ve wanted to try but are nervous to spend extra money on in case you don’t love it. Maybe it’s extra pretreatment steps to take you from the bare minimum to the routine of dreams, perhaps it’s a new set of tweezers - whatever it is, now is the time that you can safely treat yourself without the risks! 

Step 2 - Log Into Your London Lash Account

If you don’t yet have an account on the London Lash store, it doesn’t take long to create one - all you’ll need is your email address and to create a password. 

There are a couple of little perks to having an account - your payment details and address will be ready for you when you come to check out which will save you time, and it means that you can add things to your basket ahead of time and it will be saved because it’s in your account…

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Step 3 - Add Items to Your Basket Ahead of Time

Before the Black Friday sales start, you’re going to take that list you made of needs and wants and you’re going to add them to your basket (for an extra buzz, look at the total at this stage and then compare it to the total when you come to check out - the amount saved can be genuinely exciting). I’d recommend doing this early in the day because it means that you can go back to it if you forget something, but an hour before is honestly fine.

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Step 4 - Beat the Crowds

Now, it’s two minutes to midnight and you’ve already got a full basket, your address is already filled in as are your payment details. The clock is ticking over. Others are starting to sweat - what if they miss out? But not you, not with your pre-preparation! All you need to do is proceed to checkout and complete the purchase. Outstanding work - well done you.

Now the rest of the Black Friday sale is your playground as you’ve already got the business side of things out of the way! Whatever you do this Black Friday sale period, have FUN and try some things you haven’t tried before!