Once yourwebsite is created and you are happy with the design, you need to work on ranking your website higher on Google. This essentially means you need to work at becoming the first search option when somebody searches for lash treatments in your area!

So, for example, if you are based in Liverpool, you want to ensure that when somebody searches “Eyelash Extensions in Liverpool” you are the first option!

To help with improving your Google ranking you need to work on your 'meta description.' Meta-description is simpler than it sounds - don’t panic! 

Meta-description: is the snippet of information displayed beneath your web address when somebody searches for you online:

To get the most out of your meta-description, do some research... Type related terms into Google i.e Lash Extensions, Lash Treatments etc and write down the most popular searched phrases and key-words associated with your searches. 


From here you can take your list of words/phrases and slot the most relevant into your meta-description. You can also then include them in the home page of your website to optimise your search appearance when potential clientele are looking for lash extension treatments!

Ensuring photographs are tagged is also important (commonly known as "alt text"). Not everybody searches on Google for a specific page. For example if you were looking for a “Green Sofa” you are likely to click on Google images to see the options available. From there you will click through to the seller’s website. 

The reason you see the image results you do when you search “Green Sofa” is because in the backend of the seller’s website they will have tagged the image “Green Sofa”.

Tagging your lash images with key terms such as “Glamorous, dramatic, eyelash technician Liverpool” will take only a few moments but again, be extremely worthwhile in terms of improving your visibility online and gaining website clicks!

Just like you wouldn’t continue to wear a set of six week old grown out lash extensions, Google HATES old, outdated websites!  Make sure you are constantly refreshing and updating your website once it is live! Blog posts are one way to keep your website brand new and relevant. Include blog posts on topics such as aftercare, celebrity eyelash styles etc - basically anything that you believe would interest your potential clients!

Setting up a google business page is also a must! Ask your family & friends to leave five star reviews about your services and encourage clients to do the same after their appointments. The more high star reviews you have, the more Google will recognise you as a reputable business and therefore rank you higher on the search page! We would recommend aiming for 30/40 reviews.



So now you’ve created yourwebsite, you know how to rank higher on Google, now what about Instagram? For help with this and some London Lash Behind-The-Scenes, just follow me on instagram!  @abigail_londonlashpro

Abigail Madden – London Lash Expert Abigail Madden London Lash Expert @abigail_londonlashpro

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