How To Choose Eyelash Extensions for the Best Hybrid Lashes

Picture this: you’re keen to impress a potential client so when they ask if you do Hybrid lashes, you blurt out that you absolutely do! They book an appointment there and then and hang up excited to come and see you very soon. There’s just one problem though – you don’t actually know how to do Hybrid lashes. Luckily for you, we’re here to help! Before you go ahead and buy eyelash extensions products you think you might need for Hybrid lashes, take a quick look at this handy guide all about how to achieve the perfect Hybrid lash extension set.

Set of Hybrid lash extensions

What Are Hybrid Lashes? 

Hybrid lashes – as the name might suggest – are a mixture of Classic lashes and Volume lashes. How exactly you mix them is up to you but you’ll more than likely be opting for a 50:50 split most of the time. Speak with your clients before you begin lashing so you know exactly what kind of a look they’re after and tailor the split based on that. 

As a Hybrid lash extension set is a mixture between Classic lashes and Volume lashes, you can be really creative with regards to what your lash set looks like in the end, of course taking into account what your client actually wants. 

Let’s say your client wants a Classic lash extension set that’s super lightweight and offers a barely there look, you can still apply a Classic set but use 2D fans to cover any gaps that they have in their lashes. 

How to create Hybrid lash extensions

Pick Complementary Thicknesses

Generally speaking, if you’re doing a Hybrid lash extension set it’s because your client doesn’t want the darkest, most dramatic Volume lashes, so picking very fine lashes to make huge fans with, might not be the ideal choice. If your client would like a lighter Hybrid lash extension set, opt for 0.07 for 3D or 4D fans, and use 0.15 lashes for your individual lashes. 

That being said, spiky lash sets like Kim K sets do tend to be a little on the darker side, so opting for BIG fans is something you’ll likely be doing. When using dramatic volume, you don’t really want your Classic lashes (as these will be the spikes in your set) being swallowed up by all that volume. Choose a thicker Classic lash extension here, but consider that you’ll want to keep the natural lashes safe and healthy. Matt Flat lashes, in this scenario, are ideal, so if you’ve gone for super dense Mega Volume with 0.05 or even 0.03, pick 0.20 or 0.25 Matt Flat lashes.

To make things even easier for you, pick up a lash extension starter kit, we’ve curated our best-sellers and have included everything you need for Classic lashes and Volume lashes and, by extension, Hybrid lash extensions sets.

Lastly, let’s assume you’re doing a very light lash set where you’re only using 2D volume fans to cover gaps in your clients lashes so that they still have full coverage with their Classic lashes set. For this type of thing, it’s better to use as similar a thickness as possible. We’d advise here that you opt for 0.10 for both, as they can be used for a beautiful light Classic lashes set, and for quick and easy 2D fans. 

Eyelash extensions with different curls

How Long Do Hybrid Lashes Take? 

This does depend a little bit on the split you’re going for, but assuming you’re going for an even 50:50 split, a Hybrid lash extension set will take you a little bit less time than a Volume lashes set, but a little bit longer than a Classic lashes set. A wishy-washy answer we know, but it makes sense – you have to apply the same number of lashes as you do for any lash set, but you’re making fewer volume fans so are lashing faster than you do when you do a full set of Volume lashes

One way to make Hybrid lashes take around the same amount of time as a Classic lash extensions set, is you could think about using Premade Volume Lash Fans instead of creating your own fans (this is especially helpful if a client who booked for a Classic set changes their mind at the last minute, and opts for a Hybrid lash set instead!

Applying Hybrid lashes to individual lashes

How you style and finish a Hybrid lash extension set ultimately depends on what your client wants their lashes to look like. Hybrid lashes can be as subtle or as full as you can imagine, and can even feature some coloured lashes if you so desire!