Cream Eyelash Extensions Remover (5g)




Our best selling Creamy eyelash extensions remover is designed to remove eyelash extensions safely and easily:

  • once applied, stays on the extensions and does not leak into the eyes
  • bright pink “easy to see” colour helps to apply and after, clean the remover off easily
  • perfect product for those clients who have sensitive eyes
  • Removal time - 10 mins to 45min depending on:
  1. Amount of extensions applied (it takes longer to remove a full lash set as the remover needs to reach every single glue bond and creamy consistency doesn’t always allow it when the lashes are “packed” together. In this case removal process is being done in stages - top lash layer is getting removed first and then we remove the bottom layer)
  2. How “recent” the set is (it takes a long time to “de-bond” the fresh 1-2 weeks set, and it takes significantly less time to remove old 3-6 weeks lash set)
  3. Amount of glue used during the application (the more glue used, the longer it takes to “melt” it).

How to use

Using a micro brush, apply a generous layer of the remover directly onto the glue bonds. Leave for 10-45 mins (depending on the amount of extensions, how fresh is the set and the amount of glue used) and remove gently with dry cleansing brushes or tweezers. Ensure that remover and traces of adhesive are fully removed with dry brushes before you use other products.

LONDON LASH TIP: Please note that if you use any liquid to remove the traces of the remover - lashes might turn white as the traces of melted adhesive will shock polymerise. After all the traces of the remover and adhesive are fully cleansed with dry brushes, use Protein Removing Pads to make sure the eye area is completely clean. If you wish to continue with the application of a new set, after cleaning the eyes, follow the usual pre-treatment steps and use a cleanser and primer.

PLEASE NOTE: Remover needs to be applied with care. The product should NOT come into contact with the skin or eyes.

Product properties

Cruelty-free Gluten-free Vegan
Queens Award 2020
London Lash are proud winners of the Queen's Award 2020

Customer Reviews

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Easy to use and no damage to natural lashes

Mixed opinion

Cream remover is game changer, can remove your lashes off seemlessly and keeping natural lashes healthy, I purchased quite a long long time ago, so looking at image now it looks like it got updates w red colour I had white ages ago, however its not great for sensitive clients, it burns so much once opening eyes like for good few minutes so I'm still unsure however I would still purchase cream remover regardless until I find one that causes no burning sensation



Meda Ona
Definitely not for sensitive eyes!!

I have never had a bad product from this company before so i am quite disappointed to be writing this review
I Ordered this a few months back and refuse to use it ever again!
Tried it on 3 different girls and each one described burning sensations in the eyes and discomfort
The remover does work quite slow also about 20-30 minutes just to get an old lash set off
Im not sure if maybe my product was faulty or old but it was definitely not easy to use or for sensitive eyes at all

Hi Meda,

Thank you for your review!

We are sorry to hear about your experience using the Cream Remover This doesnt sound right at all, we would love to speak with you directly

Unfortunately, we have not been able to locate any contact from yourself regarding this, therefore, one of our friendly customer care agents are going to reach out to you via email now, so we can resolve this together ❤️

Kind regards,