Become a London Lash trainer!

London Lash is a young and successful eyelash extension brand which has enjoyed massive growth over the last four years. 

Join one of the leading eyelash extensions brands in the world! Become a London Lash trainer! As a trainer you'll have an opportunity to grow your own successful and profitable business with a proven business model. 

LLP Trainer criteria:

  •   Perfect lash application 

  •   Able to create a perfect top line and correctly work with the lash layers

  •   Able to create a technically ‘perfect’ wispy top line effect.

  •   Perfect styling for any and all clients

  •   Bright, high-quality photos

  •   Has successfully completed at least 5 lash training courses with national and international lash trainers, including London Lash Pro.
  •   Has won a place or ‘special prize in the opinion of…’ from a judge at any lash championship, including online

  •   Active and popular social media accounts 

  •   A minimum of 3 years’ experience

  •   Academy/ premises approved by LLP Jury in which to provide training courses.

  •   Exclusively using LLP  products

An official LLP Trainer will be awarded a separate certificate which officially gives the right to teach on behalf of, and following the exclusive curriculum of London Lash Pro. This title is given only with the permission of London Lash Pro academy and Hanna Putjato - Director, Founder, and CEO of London Lash Professional and only after completing the designated and exclusive teacher training.

 ***Please note the most important criteria is the quality of your work and level of professionalism.

Please fill in the application form HERE.

We look forward to hearing from you.