We’re London Lash Professional – a young and ambitious company who believes we’re the only lash brand to really understand your needs – because we’re lash technicians too.

Our company was founded by a team of highly experienced lash-loving artists who are passionate about creating the longest, lushest, loveliest lashes in town. We know that designing gorgeous lashes for demanding clients take dedication, attention to detail, and the very best lashes, adhesives and accessories. We help women to feel beautiful, confident and precious and here is our secret: “We absolutely LOVE what we do!”

Our profession is more than just Eyelash Extensions. We grow and inspire others to join Eyelash industry. We share our knowledge and provide courses to help our students become professional and successful artists. Our trainers have an extensive experience and we invest thousands of pounds into development and training so we could deliver it to you and give you absolute precious knowledge.

London Lash have overtaken a big share of the UK market and we won't stop there. We have distributors all over Europe and will reach out to America soon too! It has all come together thanks to a great teamwork that our London Lash ladies had put together. Each member's work is very appreciated and we take great care of our employees! Please meet our team:


  Hanna - Director

Omg she really can't sit still like never:) Hanna is always active, always happy and she is always smiling. Lashes is her Religion. She is our inspiring leader who is pushing us to achieve best results as she likes to delegate responsibilities and encourages us to be independent.


  Katerina  - Head of Business Development

Bright and talented member of London Lash family. She is kind, helpful and ambitious, super quick with finding solutions for any question or problem. Great communication skills and love for international culture helps her to expand London Lash Worldwide.


 Lolita - Customer Relationship Manager

New member at London Lash Family. Funny and bubbly, loves ice cream, chocolate and gym workouts. Lolita is the lady you hear at the other side of the phone, she is always ready to help with any query and problem.


 Merilin - Project Manager

She is officially the most beautiful and smart Estonian girl known. She is THE BRAIN of the company, knows everything about skin care and lashes. Merilin is this kind of person that lights up the room the second she walks in. She secretly loves watching Japanese anime and eating rose/lychee cupcakes.

  Piret – Shop supervisor

She has a diverse personality: by profession she is a Car mechanic but has chosen to work for beauty company.  Piret is the most hardworking member of our team, the energiser, never tired and always ready for work. She loves food and cats.


  Natasha – Trainer and Expert in Eyelash Extensions

She has travelled so much you can always ask her for trip-tips! Natasha will definitely know what extensions will look perfect on your eyes, length and thickness, flow and distance - she knows them all. She is very chatty and always has a good advice.She absolutely loves her dog; her motto is "keep calm" and she can read people's minds. She goes to gym every day and loves travels and adventure! 


  Darja – Trainer and Expert in Eyelash Extensions

She is one of our greatest trainers and Lash Perfectionist. She always gets what she wants. "Work hard to be the Best" is her life quote. Darja loves her work and she absolutely adores her cats and follows all cute pets profiles on social media. Darja's manicure is always  spot on and she always look professional.


   Veronica - Trainer and Expert in Eyelash Extensions

She is a very kind and patient person who you can have a great laugh with. Her lash works always look beautiful with perfect direction and coverage. She is very fashionable and always wears cool outfits. She's got most beautiful hair and is always excited about everything! She is full of good ideas, speaks 4 languages and looooooves her chocolate! 


  Mihaela – Junior Lash Artist

Mihaela helps in our shop and is a lash artist in our Lady Lash salon. She is very funny when she tries to be serious:) She loves wearing red lipstick and has the most cutest accent ever!  Mihaela's work is always high quality!


  Holly - Receptionist

She is the most friendlies receptionist you can meet, always professional and one step ahead because she is incredibly organised. She has  beautiful big blue eyes, long nails and has a very good taste in fashion.