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Stock up the curls and lengths you use the most. No need to waste lines of lashes you don't use! We love a resourceful Lash Queen!

How to create Kim Kardashian wispy look in just half the time?

How many times have you heard "I would like the Kim Kardashian Lash look please" from clients?

We are sure it is waaaaay too many times...

Keep up with Kar-lash-ians with our BRAND NEW easy fanning lashes. These self fanning lashes have multi lengths on each strip to help create the wispy Kimmy K lash look desired by clients in just HALF the time!

The multilayered strips of easy fan lashes allow you to grab fans directly from the strip resulting in quicker fan creation and quicker treatment time, making easy-fanning lashes the best russian lashes on the market!

On average, 1 box of easy fanning lashes which contains 11 strips would last you for 4-6 clients (depending on the lash lengths used for the set and the amount of client’s natural lashes)

Top Tip! Use with our Russian Volume Tweezers and professional eyelash extension glue.

 Product Details:

  • C, CC & D 
  • 11 lines in each 
  • lengths 7-14 mm
  • Perfect for a dramatic strip lash effect!

Tip for Use:

There are 3 numbers on each lash strip, for example - 10, 11, 12. It means that this strip contains the lashes of all three lengths: 10mm, 11mm, and 12mm. Use the middle number (in our example 11mm) for your mapping. This is the AVERAGE length of the lashes on the strip.

* IMPORTANT NOTE! - PLEASE DO NOT use BOOSTER on the base of the extensions on the strip of easy fanning lashes. As the lashes are easy fan, there is no need to add the booster. Adding the booster will cause the glue on the strip to become sticky and gum like*

Queens Award 2020
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