Light Violet/ Violet Faux Mink Coloured Lashes



8 strips each of spring flower inspired light violet lash extensions, and vibrant violet lashes!

Coloured eyelash extensions are a fun and easy way for your clients to express themselves through their lashes! Whether it’s a completely blue volume lash set, or a few pink spikes to jazz up a set of wet look lashes, you’re sure to find the colour that makes your client’s dreams come true! 

Colour lashes are also the ultimate choice when it comes to fantasy lash sets, whether the category is woodland fairies or heaven and hell, we’ve got any colour option you can think of! 

Each tray of coloured lash extensions has two complimentary colours inside, meaning that you get twice as much bang for your buck! Inside each tray of lashes, you’ll find one strip each of lengths from 8 - 14mm in each colour, so you can work these lashes into any lash map either as spikes, wisps, segments or the whole set, if you find a client brave enough! 

Available in 0.15 for your classic sets, and 0.07 to help you create sets up to 5D volume, so you can delight clients who are looking for colourful classic lash sets, fantasy volume sets or mix and match the two to create some stunning hybrid lashes!

Product details

  • 8 strips of light violet lashes in mixed lengths (8-14mm)
  • 8 strips of vibrant violet lashes in mixed lengths (8-14mm)
  • Available in 0.07 for volume up to 5D 
  • Available in 0.15 for classic lash sets
  • Available in C, CC, and D curls
  • Made from 100% synthetic, cruelty free fibre 

Product properties

Cruelty-free Heat-resistant Hypoallergenic Latex-free Oil-resistant 100% synthetic fibre Vegan Water resistant
The Vegan Society
Certified by The Vegan Society
Queens Award 2020
London Lash are proud winners of the Queen's Award 2020

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Yazmin Estrada
No color eyes no problem!

No color eyes no problem! Get you some color lashes! I’m so glad you guys carry .15. You don’t like volume? Get your colorful classic set!


I looooove these! The colour is so pretty and can be as subtle or as vibrant as you like - they really make a green eye stand out but are amazing on everyone! I was nervous buying them at first as most clients are used to just black lashes but now I get so many requests for colourful lashes, it’s amazing! 💜