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Naomie Rellum - London Lash Trainer Netherlands

My name is Naomie, I began my lash career in 2014 when I completed my foundation training for eyelash extensions and brows in Netherlands. Specialised in eyelash extensions, brows and professional makeup, I opened a salon Wimperextensions Studio in Netherlands in 2014. 

In October 2017 I became London Lash trainer and opened an academy called Wimperextensions Academy. In 2018 I became official InLei trainer and distributor in the Netherlands.

What inspired me to become a lash artist is being allergic to makeup! When I first got lashes myself I was sold and wanted to learn it myself, so I did my my first course. 

My top tip for new artists is to always take photos of your work to assess your work, keep practicing and training!

LLP products I cannot live without are:

Mayfair Lashes
Flexie glue

My favourite lash style is Squirrel and anything with coloured lashes or L and M curl. 

If you would like to book a training with me, please contact me directly:

EMAIL: info@wimperextensions-benodigdheden.nl

Phone: +31634812610

Facebook: Wimperextensionsbenodigdheden

Instagram:  @naomie_londonlashpro

My qualifications:

2014 Classic Eyelashes and Brow shaping - Beauty Academy , Rotterdam, Netherlands.

2015 Russian Volume techniques - Beauty Academy in Netherlands

2015 Russian Volume advanced course - Beauty Academy, Netherlands

2017 Lash Lift - Eleebana

2017 Lash Lift - Lashup!

2017 Workshops by Care Cosmetics (Ahava and Pupa Milano beauty products)

2017 VIP Russian Volume course with Darja Striletskaja - London Lash Pro 

2017 Trainers training with Hanna Putjato -  London Lash Pro

2018 Henna Brow training by Lash and Brow Academy (Brow Henna)

2018 InLei training Lash Lift and Lash Filler in Italy by Tatiana Shcherbyna  

My achievements: 

2019 London Lash Award - Best Mentor International

2019 Best of the Best Lash and Brow Championship - 3rd place (Expert Lashart Category) 


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