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InLei® Pre-treatment Saline Solution



Clean lashes and eyebrows are essential to ensure a successful Lash Filler or Brow Bomber treatment.

InLei® Pre-Treatment Saline Solution helps you to clean and prime eyelashes and/or eyebrows prior to different treatments, such as lash lift, brow lamination or tinting.

  • Gently cleanses and degreases the hair and skin
  • Preps and primes the area for the treatment
  • Gentle on the skin and hairs
  • Successfully passed all scientific tests in accordance with EU regulations - found to be non-irritating, even on sensitive skin
  • Can be used to rinse InLei® Mousse during pre-treatment

    Product details

    • 100ml bottle
    • safe to be used before any InLei® treatment
    • produced in Italy

    How to use

    For eyelash treatments:

    1. Thoroughly cleanse the eye area with InLei® Mousse, ensuring there is no makeup residue left. Rinse the shampoo well with saline solution or lukewarm water.
    2. Apply the InLei® Silicone eyepatches.
    3. Using two micro brushes, apply Saline Pre-treatment Solution to clean and prime the lashes.
    4. Start Lash Filler or tinting treatment as usual.

    For eyebrow treatments:

    1. Cleanse the eyebrow area with InLei® Mousse, ensuring there is no makeup residue left. Rinse the shampoo well.
    2. If needed, use InLei® Soft Brow Peeling, to remove dry, dead skin cells. Rinse well.
    3. Using a cotton pad and Saline Pre-treatment Solution, clean and prime the eyebrows.
    4. Start Brow Bomber or tinting treatment as usual.
    Queens Award 2020
    London Lash are proud winners of the Queen's Award 2020

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    you can use it for all eye area treatments!

    It not only works as a pre-treatment for the lash lift or brow treatment I use it before the eyelash extension treatment together with InLei mousse to wash the lashes and it works perfectly.

    Hi Kerry, thank you so much for leaving us feedback for our Inlei Saline pre treatment. We really appreciate our customers feedback ❤️ Loves & lashes