The Ultimate Guide for Lash Techs Working During Winter

Winter is here, and it's time to prep your beauty room for the unique challenges this season can bring to your eyelash extension business. As the temperature drops and the snowflakes fall, let's talk about some must-have lash products and tips to help you conquer the chilly season and keep your lash game strong! 

Prep Your Beauty Room

Your clients' comfort should always be a top priority. Nobody wants to endure a freezing eyelash extension appointment! Since the Winter months can make your beauty room feel quite chilly, make sure that you adjust the thermostat to a comfortable temperature that’s cosy, but not too hot. You can also create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your beauty room by offering your clients blankets, investing in a lash pillow and a cosy lash bed cover to keep them warm and relaxed during their lash treatments. These little thoughtful touches can make a huge difference in how your clients perceive their experience with you. Happy clients who leave with fabulous lashes are more likely to return and recommend your lash services to others! 

Lash bed with a neck pillow in a Lash Tech's beauty room

Humidity is Your BFF

Winter air is notorious for its lack of moisture, which can be a real lash-killer! Maintaining the right humidity levels in your beauty room is essential, so invest in a good quality humidifier to maintain an optimal level of humidity. This simple addition can make a world of difference in the performance of your eyelash extension glue and the comfort of your clients. Ensuring that your beauty room has an optimal level of humidity will help your lash glue to cure correctly, preventing the eyelash glue bonds from becoming brittle and breaking, so in turn, the lash extensions will stay put and have better retention. Another handy lash tool that will make it a lot easier to monitor your beauty room’s conditions is a Hygrometer. This device measures the humidity and air temperature in your beauty room so that you can find an adhesive that works best for you, and stay in control of your beauty room’s conditions, ensuring they remain within the optimal levels.

Hygrometer for measuring the conditions in a beauty room for eye lash glue

Adapt Your Lash Glue for the Winter Season

The Winter weather can be harsh, especially on eyelash extension glue, as the low-humidity levels and colder, drier conditions can affect the way your eyelash glue behaves. To combat this, consider switching to a lash glue that's more suitable for Winter conditions. An adhesive like Flexie or Royal Bond would be perfect as their formulas are more flexible. They’re designed to work well in low-humidity environments, and they have faster drying speeds to combat those lower humidity levels that slow down the drying speed of lash glue. Your clients will appreciate lashes that stay put, even in Winter's unforgiving conditions! 

Collection of eye lash glue for eyelash extensions

Illuminate Your Beauty Room with Proper Lighting 

One of the most vital lash tools in your arsenal is a beauty light that provides proper lighting for your beauty room! With shorter daylight hours and gloomy weather, good lighting is essential for precision and prevents you from developing any eye strain from working with inadequate lighting. So you'll want to ensure that your beauty room is well-lit with a beauty light like one from our Glamcor range. Investing in a Glamcor light can make all the difference to your lash extension sets. Glamcor lights are known for their impeccable lighting quality, ensuring that you can work with precision when applying your eyelash extensions and allowing you to see each and every one of your client’s natural lashes perfectly. You’ll be able to create flawless sets of lashes, even on the darkest of Winter days. Say goodbye to straining your eyes or missing those pesky baby lashes!

Glamcor light with lash bed for eyelash extensions

Speed Up Lash Treatments with Premade Lash Fans

Winter brings with it a busier schedule, thanks to holiday parties and special events. So we know how crucial efficiency is! To help yourself save some time during lash appointments and still create gorgeous lashes, you should consider using Premade Lash Fans to create your Russian Volume lashes. These magical lashes are a game-changer when you have back-to-back clients and need to provide quick yet stunning lash extensions. They’ll help you to cut down your treatment times by eliminating the need to spend time manually creating lash fans for Volume lashes during each appointment. With Premade Lash Fans, you can just grab and go!

Pre-made lash fans for Russian lashes

Winter Aftercare Advice for Eyelash Extensions

The Winter weather can be harsh on lashes, leading to increased breakage! So don’t forget to educate your clients on Winter aftercare for their eyelash extensions and natural lashes. As the expert, it's your job to educate your clients about the importance of aftercare for their lash extensions in Winter and advise them to avoid excessive exposure to cold air, steam, or saunas immediately after getting their lash extensions. You should also encourage them to use a lash serum and a nourishing lash conditioner to keep their lashes healthy and strong. Providing this valuable information not only ensures happy clients, but also helps you build trust and loyalty.

Lash shampoo and eyelash brush for cleansing natural lashes and lash extensions

Stay Hydrated Lash Techs!

Lastly, don't neglect your own self-care! Winter means more time spent indoors with dry indoor heating that can leave you feeling parched and dry out your skin. Make sure to stay hydrated by keeping a water container nearby and taking regular breaks. This will not only keep you comfortable but also help you stay focused during your lash appointments.

Lash accessory for self care for Lash Techs

Winter might bring its own set of challenges, but investing in the right lash products and making a few adjustments will make your job a whole lot easier and means you can continue to create stunning lash extensions that leave your clients feeling amazing. With these top tips and a dash of Winter charm, you'll conquer the season and keep those lashes looking fabulous all season long!