Eyelash Health 101: How To Keep Your Clients' Natural Lashes Happy And Healthy!

As Lash Techs, we know that our clients' natural lashes are the foundation for stunning eyelash extensions. So it's our responsibility to ensure that our clients' lash health is maintained. But what happens when those natural lashes are damaged? We'll cover some telltale signs to help you identify if your clients' natural lashes are damaged and what you can do to help. 

How to identify damaged natural lashes on eyelash extension clients

How To Identify Damaged Natural Lashes


Start with a Consultation:

The journey to identifying damaged natural lashes begins with a thorough consultation. Take the time to chat with your client, ask about their lash history, and inquire if they've previously had eyelash extensions or lash lifts. This conversation can provide valuable insights into the current condition of their natural lashes.


Ask Questions:

Ask if they've experienced any discomfort, itching, or pain around their natural lashes. Inquire about their cleansing routine and whether they rub or pull on their eyelashes.


Take a Closer Look:

Use a good magnifying tool or even a smartphone with a Macro Lens to examine their natural lashes. Having professional lighting in your beauty room, like a Glamcor Light, will also make it easier for you to see the individual lashes better. 

Lash bed with a neck pillow and Glamcor light in a beauty room

Signs Of Damaged Natural Lashes


Bald Spots and Gaps Between Lashes: 

One of the easiest ways to spot damaged natural lashes is by looking for bald spots and gaps between the eyelashes. If you notice uneven spacing between lashes or areas where there are no eyelashes, it's a clear indicator that something isn't right, and it could be a sign of lash damage. These gaps might be a result of damaged lashes that have fallen out from overuse or improper removal of eyelash extensions.


Thin and Sparse Lashes: 

Damaged natural lashes are often thinner and sparser than healthy ones. When examining your client's natural lashes, pay attention to their overall density. If you notice that they are significantly less dense than usual, it might be a sign of damage.

How to identify damaged eyelashes on lash clients

Brittle and Weak Lashes: 

Healthy eyelashes should be flexible, straight, and resilient. If you notice any lashes that appear to be brittle, weak or have split ends, it's a clear indicator of damage. These lashes will be prone to breakage and need some TLC!


Uneven Lash Lengths: 

Compare the length of your client's natural lashes. Damaged natural lashes can grow unevenly. You might notice that some eyelashes are shorter than others or that they have an irregular growth pattern. This can make it challenging to achieve a uniform look for any set of eyelash extensions, so these lashes will need some extra care and attention.


Lash Discoloration And Texture: 

Pay attention to the colour and texture of your client's natural lashes. Eyelashes that have turned a lighter colour than usual, have dark spots, or look rough instead of smooth, could be damaged. Discolouration can be caused by various factors, including excessive use of mascara, improper lash care, harsh adhesives, or incorrect eyelash extension application and removal.


Inflammation and Redness: 

Check for any signs of irritation or redness along the lash line. If your client is experiencing redness, itching, or any signs of inflammation around the lash line, it could be due to damaged eyelashes. This may be a result of an allergic reaction or a liquid like eyelash glue that has been applied incorrectly and touched the skin. Irritation can weaken the natural lashes and lead to damage over time.


Unusual Lash Curls or Direction: 

Healthy eyelashes usually have a natural curl and direction. Damaged lashes may appear straight or grow in odd directions. This can make it challenging to achieve the desired look for their eyelash extensions.


Frequent Lash Loss: 

If your client complains about losing an abnormal amount of their natural lashes, it's a red flag! Some eyelash shedding is normal, but excessive loss can indicate damage or improper aftercare. Whilst eyelash extensions may cause a slight increase in shedding, an unusually high rate should definitely raise concerns!

Eyelashes falling out

What To Do If You Spot Damaged Natural Lashes


Communicate with Your Client: 

First and foremost, always be honest with your clients and communicate your findings with them. If you suspect damage to their natural lashes, let them know what you've observed and the potential causes. Once you’ve discussed your concerns, you can work together to find a solution that prioritises their lash health. This step is essential for building trust and ensuring your client understands the importance of the health of their natural lashes.


Provide Aftercare Guidance:

Take the time to educate your clients about proper lash care and maintenance. Offer thorough aftercare instructions to help your clients nurture their natural lashes. This should include teaching them how to gently cleanse and brush their eyelashes, advising them to avoid using harsh products, and instead recommending they use lash-friendly products like a Lash Shampoo, Lash Conditioner, and Lash Serum to promote growth and strength. 

Lash shampoo and eyelash brush for cleansing natural lashes and eyelash extensions

Encourage a Lash Break:

Advise clients to take occasional breaks from eyelash extensions to allow their natural lashes a chance to recover and strengthen naturally. Encourage your clients to prioritise the health of their eyelashes over lash extensions temporarily. You can offer alternative services like lash lifts during these breaks.


Monitor Progress: 

Keep in touch with your clients to track the progress of their natural lashes. Encourage them to come back for a follow-up consultation to assess the improvement.


Adjust Future Eyelash Extensions: 

When your client is ready to resume eyelash extensions, take a cautious approach. Use lightweight lash extensions like Matt Flat Lashes and avoid overloading the natural lashes. Always prioritise lash health and safety! 

Matt flat eyelash extensions for Classic eyelash extensions

Your role as a Lash Tech extends beyond creating sets of gorgeous eyelash extensions. It's equally important to ensure the health and well-being of your clients' natural lashes. By identifying and addressing damaged natural eyelashes early on, you can offer solutions, recommend proper aftercare, and help your clients maintain the beauty and health of their lashes in the long run. A proactive approach to lash health not only benefits your clients but also solidifies your reputation as a caring and knowledgeable Lash Technician. So, keep an eye on those eyelashes and guide your clients toward lash perfection!