A Lash Technician’s Guide To Working With Short Natural Lashes

Whether or not you should apply eyelash extensions to natural lashes that are still in the anagen growth stage has always been a controversial topic for Lash Techs. Some Lash Trainers believe that the 'baby lashes' should be allowed to grow freely until they become 'teenagers' and will be able to handle the weight of an eyelash extension. However, as a Lash Technician, you've probably noticed that those few empty lashes can have a significant impact on the overall look of a lash set.

Growth cycle of natural eyelashes

Why Some Lash Techs Avoid Shorter Natural Lashes

The primary concern for many Lash Techs is the potential for overloading and damaging shorter natural eyelashes. Here’s why:

Weight and Length Issues: Heavier and longer lash extensions can put stress on the natural lashes, causing them to break or fall out prematurely.

Client's Lash Health: Shorter natural eyelashes often indicate weaker or younger natural lashes that may not be able to support extensions as robustly as longer lashes can.

How to stop lash extensions falling out

The Truth: You Can Safely Apply Lash Extensions To Shorter Lashes!

The good news is that you can safely apply eyelash extensions to shorter natural lashes by following these key guidelines:

Choose the Right Lash Length: Opt for shorter lash extensions that complement the natural length of those shorter lashes. Eyelash extensions that are only 1-2mm longer than the natural lash are ideal.

Use Lightweight Lash Extensions: Lightweight lash extensions like our Matt Flat Lashes are nearly half the weight of Classic Lashes and reduce the risk of overloading the natural eyelash.

Proper Application Technique: Ensure each of those shorter eyelashes have been isolated correctly to avoid creating any stickies which can also lead to premature lash loss.

So if you have 'baby lash' next to a 12mm long eyelash extension, then apply a 9mm eyelash extension to that shorter natural lash to fill in the gap.

Why This Method Works

Using this method will nicely cover up any gaps caused by the growth of the natural lashes.

Another advantage of using this method while the 'baby lash' is growing is that a long eyelash extension may stick out from the rest of the set or cause irritation - a heavier eyelash extension can cause the natural lash to twist as it grows, so by using a shorter eyelash extension you are helping the 'baby lash' grow safely. The best part? You can use this simple trick with both Classic Lashes and Volume Lashes!

Close-up of Russian Lashes set

Applying eyelash extensions to shorter natural lashes can be done safely and effectively with the right approach. By understanding the potential risks and following these top tips, you can confidently offer this service to your clients. Remember, the key lies in using lightweight, appropriately sized lash extensions and applying them with care. Your clients will appreciate your expertise and love their new look!