Or how to lash baby lashes safely!!

Eyelash extensions being placed on the lashes in the anagen growth stage is always a controversial topic. Some trainers have an opinion that the “baby lashes” should be allowed to grow freely until they become “teenagers” and will be able to handle the weight of the extension, but as a lash technician, you have probably noticed that very often, these few empty lashes can make a huge difference to the overall look

Today, London Lash Pro Master Lash Artists wanted to pass on a helpful little tip about HOW TO APPLY FANS ON DIFFERENT LENGTH LASHES

The rule is very simple - just go a few mm shorter

If you have baby lash next to a 12mm long extension, fill the baby lash with a 9mm extension.

Using this method you will nicely cover the gap caused by growing lashes.

Shorter lashes are much lighter so you don’t have to worry about causing damage to the NL.

The other advantage of using this method while the baby lash is growing is that a long extension may stick out from the rest of the set or cause irritation - a heavier extension can cause the natural lash to twist as it grows, so by using a shorter extension you are helping the baby lash to grow safely. The best part? You can use this simple trick with both classic and volume techniques!


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