Lash Mapping Guide: How To Create A Gorgeous Set Of Squirrel Lashes

Are you ready to elevate your lash game and offer your clients a trendy, natural-looking eyelash extension style? If you want to stay ahead of the game and offer your clients the hottest lash styles, then you definitely need to know how to create Squirrel Lashes!

What Are Squirrel Lashes?

First things first, let's talk about what Squirrel Lashes are. Squirrel Lashes are all about enhancing what your clients already have, striking the perfect balance between subtle and stunning. Creating a soft, fluttery look where the longest lash extensions are strategically placed under the arch of the eyebrows creates a slight lift for the eyes, making them a must-have for your clients who are looking for an understated enhancement for their natural lashes without going overboard.

Lash mapping for Squirrel Lashes

How Do You Create Squirrel Lashes?

So, how do you create a set of Squirrel Lashes? It's all in the mapping! Let’s break it down:

Start at the Middle: Every great lash look starts with finding the middle of the eyes. This sets the stage for the rest of your mapping process.


Mark Those Corners: Next, mark the inner and outer corners of your client's eyes. This helps you understand their eye shape and symmetry, which is essential for achieving a balanced lash look.


Longest Lashes Under the Arch: The key to Squirrel Lashes lies in placing the longest eyelash extensions under the arch of the eyebrows. This not only adds depth and dimension but also creates a natural and gorgeous eye-opening effect. Make sure this area gets the attention it deserves as this will be the focal point of your Squirrel Lashes.


Customise for Each Client: Depending on your client's unique eye and brow structure, decide how big those longest lash extensions should be. Remember, one size doesn't fit all! Customising the lengths to suit your client's features will create the most flattering result for their lashes. 


Divide and Conquer: Once you've got the longest lashes sorted, divide the remaining parts evenly. This helps create a balanced look that enhances your client's natural lash line. And don't forget— shorter lengths (around 7-8mm) in the outer corners will create a tapered effect for the perfect finishing touch.

Keep it Straight and Angled: When it comes to Squirrel Lashes, ensure that your lines are straight and follow the natural curve of your client's lashes. This attention to detail will integrate the lash extensions for a seamless blend.

Lash mapping on under eye patches for Squirrel style lash extensions

Who Will This Lash Style Suit The Best?

Close-set Eyes: Squirrel Lashes help create the illusion of wider-set eyes, making them ideal for clients with naturally close-set eyes.

High Brow Arches: Got clients with killer brow arches? Squirrel Lashes complement those high arches like a dream, framing the face in all the right ways.

Outer Corner Lashes Growing Downwards: For clients whose outer corner lashes tend to grow downwards, Squirrel Lashes lift and elongate for a more balanced look. 

London Lash Pro Tip: Squirrel Lashes also serve as a fantastic alternative for clients who love that cat-eye effect but might not have the ideal eye shape for traditional Cat Eye Lashes. It's all about adapting and innovating to suit your client's unique features! 

Before and after of Squirrel style eyelash extensions

    Aftercare Tips For Amazing Lash Retention

    Gentle Cleansing: Encourage your clients to gently clean their lashes daily with a Lash Shampoo and Cleansing Eyelash Brush to remove any buildup of oils, makeup, or debris.  

    Brush Those Lashes: Advise your clients to use a clean Lash Brush to brush their lashes daily to keep them looking fluffy and fabulous.

    Avoiding Oil-based Products: Remind your clients to avoid rubbing or pulling on their lashes and to be mindful when applying makeup or skincare products around the eye area. It’s especially important that they also steer clear of oil-based makeup removers and skincare products, as these can break down the eyelash extension glue.

    Regular Infill Appointments: Another way your clients can ensure their lash extensions lash longer is by scheduling regular eyelash extension infills to maintain their Squirrel Lashes and keep them looking fresh.

    So there you have it! With the right lash mapping and a sprinkle of creativity, you can effortlessly elevate your clients' natural beauty with Squirrel Lashes that are sure to turn heads and leave them feeling amazing. Happy lashing!