Bold And Bright: Elevate Your Lash Game With Brand-New Neon Lashes!

We’ve got some electrifying news that’s about to make your lash sets truly pop. We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our latest innovation in eyelash extensions: Neon Lashes! Available in vibrant yellow, green, orange, and pink, each lash tray offers a stunning mix of these eye-catching colours. Get ready to elevate your lash game and offer your clients something exciting!

Neon Lashes in a lash tray

Why Neon Coloured Lashes? 

These lash extensions are not only visually stunning, but also incredibly practical. Here’s why they’re a must-have for your lash kit:

1. 28 Lines of Lashes in Total: Each lash tray contains more than enough lashes to create multiple sets, giving you great value and versatility.

2. Mixed-Length Lash Trays of 8-14mm: Our mixed-length lash trays allow you to effortlessly create natural-looking lashes or dramatic lash sets with ease. Perfect for customising each look.

3. Super Soft and Lightweight: These lashes are incredibly soft and lightweight, ensuring maximum comfort for your clients while still delivering that wow factor. 

4. Glow Under UV/Blacklight: Perfect for nights out, special events, or simply making a statement. These lashes will turn heads and glow brilliantly under UV lights for a mesmerising effect.

5. 0.07 Thickness for Up to 5D Volume Fans: Whether you’re creating a set of Classic Lashes or dramatic Volume Lashes, these lash extensions are versatile and easy to work with for effortlessly beautiful lash sets

6. Easy to Fan: Streamline your lash fanning process with these easy fanning lashes that’ll make your application smooth and efficient!

7. Available in CC or D Curls: You’ll have a choice between the most popular lash curls, CC and D, to suit your clients’ preferences and eye shapes.

Collection of Neon Coloured Lashes

Why You'll Love Our Neon Lashes!

These Neon Lashes aren’t just about colour; they’re about making a bold statement and showcasing your creativity. Here’s why you need to add them to your lash kit:

  • Create Works of Art for Lash Competitions: Stand out in lash competitions with these striking Neon Lashes that will showcase your artistic flair and capture everyone’s attention.
  • Ideal for Photoshoots and Editorial Campaigns: Make your models stand out and leave a lasting impression in photoshoots with your vibrant lash looks. Neon Lashes are a dream for makeup artists and photographers, adding a unique twist to editorial looks.
  • Elevate Your Lash Portfolio: These vivacious lashes can significantly enhance your portfolio with unique and eye-catching eyelash extension styles, demonstrating your versatility and creativity, as well as attracting clients who are eager to try something new.
  • Unleash Your Creativity: Using Neon Lashes in your lash sets will allow you to set your creative side free and experiment with bold, eye-catching designs like never before.
  • Perfect for Bold Clients: These lashes are the perfect lash extensions for those daring clients who want to make a bold statement and love standing out from the crowd.
Eyelash extension model with Neon Lashes

Lash Style Inspo For Neon Lashes

Here are some fun and creative ways to incorporate Neon Lashes into your lash maps:

  • Pop of Colour: Add a few Neon Lashes at the outer corners of the eyes for a subtle yet striking pop of colour.
  • Lash Spikes: Integrate Neon Lashes as lash spikes throughout the lash set to create a dynamic and edgy look.
  • Full Neon Ombre: For the truly bold, go all out with a full set of Neon Lashes, blending the different neon colours by creating an ombre effect between them for a stunning effect.

Close-up of lash set with Neon Lashes

Whether you're preparing for a lash competition, a photoshoot, or just looking to offer something new and exciting to your clients, our Neon Lashes are the perfect addition to your lash collection and your new go-to. Your lash clients will love the bold, fun, and eye-catching results—and you’ll love the ease and quality of these eyelash extensions.

We can't wait to see how you incorporate these Neon Lashes into your work and the incredible looks you create. So don’t forget to tag us on Instagram so we can admire your colourful creations!