London Lash’s Predicted Lash Trends For Spring & Summer 2024!

As we transition into the bright and lively vibes of Spring and Summer, the beauty industry in the UK is set to bloom with fresh lash trends. So here are the upcoming lash trends that we predict will dominate the lash scene in Spring/Summer 2024. Whether it's the understated elegance of brown lashes or making a bold statement with vibrant-coloured lash extensions, we're here to ensure you're not only prepared but are leading the trends!

Brown Lashes

Gone are the days when black lashes monopolised the lash scene, so don’t ever assume that a client automatically wants black lashes! 2024 is all about embracing a subtle, softer look with brown lashes, particularly in more natural C, and CC Curls. Brown eyelash extensions offer a delicate, yet equally captivating alternative to the classic black, making them perfect for clients looking to soften their features or for those with lighter hair colours seeking a more natural look. Our range of brown lashes is designed to cater to this growing demand, ensuring your clients can enjoy the complimentary tone of brown lashes with all the quality and durability you’ve come to expect from London Lash!

Brown coloured lash extensions for natural eyelash extensions

Classic Lashes

The reason they’re called classic? They never go out of style! Classic Lashes have stood the test of time for a reason. They are the epitome of elegance and are the foundation of lash artistry. These lashes offer a seamless enhancement from natural to semi-dramatic looks, depending on the chosen lengths and curls. Classic lash extensions are not just a trend, they are usually the first technique that a Lash Tech masters. So, as we move into the warmer months of 2024, we predict an increased demand for more natural looks; therefore, the demand for Classic Lashes will continue to soar, with clients seeking that timeless beauty that only Classic Lashes can provide.

Close-up of Classic Lashes set

Wet Look Lashes

Wet Look Lashes have been a favourite since 2020, mimicking a fresh, dewy appearance. Wet Look Lashes are, yet again, making a splash this Spring/Summer, pun intended! Their bold, glossy finish is perfect for those Summer pool parties or tropical getaways. Wet Look Lashes are created with a technique that includes using closed lash fans or Premade Lash Spikes applied in layers. In terms of product choice, to achieve that glossy look opt for lash extensions like our Chelsea Lashes, giving those lashes a sleek, saturated look that lasts. This trend is not dying down, and we completely get why – it’s all about feeling fresh, fun, and a little daring.

Close-up of Wet Look Lashes

Angel Lashes

Angel Lashes are as heavenly as they sound, offering a feathery, light appearance that is both subtle and stunning. To create a set of Angel Lashes, you’ll be combining small, closed lash fans blended in with light and wispy individual lash extensions– similar to Wet Look Lashes, but a more toned-down version. Like any lash style, it should be tailored to suit your client’s eye shape, and with Angel Lashes, you can customise the lash set while using our lash map for Angel Lashes as a base. To create this angelic look, we suggest using lash extensions in lengths of 7mm up to 11mm, with the addition of eye-catching lash spikes, either handmade or premade.

Close-up of Angel Lashes

Coloured Lashes

Don’t limit yourself or your clients by sticking to only a natural palette when you can play with a spectrum of colours! Coloured lash extensions are the perfect way to add a pop of personality to any lash look, especially during the Spring and Summer months when festivals, parties, and events are in full swing. From a more subtle top line to a bold bottom lash layer in vibrant hues that scream Summer, coloured lashes are a fantastic way for clients to express their individuality. Your clients could even opt for a block-coloured set if they’re feeling daring, or a few strategically placed coloured lashes within a set of Classic Lashes will add a lovely pop of colour. This trend is about making a statement and having fun while doing it! Not to mention, coloured lash content can be really striking in an Instagram grid. Find out how to create your own coloured lash sets in this blog post.

Collection of colourful eyelash extensions for Lash Technicians

Lash Lifts

Now, let's talk about lash lifts because, although we adore lash extensions, we definitely need to show appreciation for this lash treatment! Lash lifts are gaining traction as a low-maintenance, yet stunning option to enhance natural lashes, making them ideal for clients with straight or downward-facing lashes. This treatment offers a beautiful curl and lift to the natural lashes, creating a more open, wide-eyed effect that brightens the eye area, lasting for up to 6-8 weeks. It's the perfect choice for clients who love a low-maintenance routine but still want to wake up every morning with perfectly curled lashes that are ready to go. 

Close-up of natural eyelashes after a lash lifting treatment

As Spring/Summer 2024 unfolds, these lash trends are set to dominate the beauty scene. By embracing these trends, you're not just updating your services, but you're also elevating your craft, creating bespoke lash looks that highlight the beauty and individuality of each client. We can’t wait to see how you bring these lash trends to life in your beauty salon, so make sure that you tag us in your lash creations on Instagram so we can admire them!