Micro Brushes with bendable tip (100pcs)



Our best-selling micro brushes with a long and bendable tip are an excellent addition to the London Lash range of disposable applicators!

  • A bendable brush tip allows you to work on the bigger lash area, speeding up the treatment time. 
  • Multifunctional use - perfect for cleaning the lashes with Cleanser, great for applying PrimerBoosterSuperbonder or removing the lashes with Cream or Gel Remover
  • A thin tip allows a precise application to avoid wastage of the product.
  • Packed in a biodegradable pouch 

      Product details

      • 100 brushes per pack 
      • Length of the tip: 12mm

      How to use

      1. Gently bend the tip of two micro brushes to create an ‘L’ shape. 
      2. Apply a drop of selected product and sandwich natural lashes in between two micro brushes to spread the product evenly. 
      3. Follow further instructions for a specific product. 
      4. Dispose after use. 
      5. Always use fresh micro brushes for each of the products.
      Queens Award 2020
      London Lash are proud winners of the Queen's Award 2020

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Mizuno Eleonor
      Happy to use it🌹

      Because it bendable,its make may work easy and quick.

      Love these

      Much better than your standard microbrushes. Bigger surface area means being able to get more lashes in one swipe, speeding up your work 👍

      Anna Levchenko
      So useful

      Wow I didn't know these existed until I saw them on one of the videos on Instagram! 🙈 Why no one told me about them earlier lol?! 😂 They are so easy to use and cover much bigger area than the regular size brushes. Love them xx