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We have been proud distributors of InLei® for almost 5 years since they revolutionised the beauty industry! Made from high-quality ingredients in the University Institute of Italy, both InLei® ’s Lash Filler (lash lift) and Brow Bomber (brow lamination) ranges give stable results time after time and have been a favourite of ours, our customers and their clients since their respective launches.

What is Lash Filler?

LASH FILLER is an innovative lash lift treatment, entirely developed in Italy that guarantees high product quality and reliable results that are clinically proven by University Institute in Italy. The excellent results demonstrate up to a 24% increase in the thickness of the hair. 

How does it work? The original formula of the In Lei® "FILLER 3" allows the microparticles of the filler to penetrate inside the hair gently, bonding to the keratin fibres of the hair itself. The "Three Regeneration" complex, and proper preparation of eyelashes with InLei® "FORM 1" and InLei® "FIX 2", guarantees a stable result and effective nourishment and thickening of the lashes. The LASH FILLER® treatment has the ability to reach the hair roots, feeding them and working also in the following months after the treatment on the structure of the hair bulb. Furthermore, InLei® "FILLER 3" promotes the proliferation of keratinocytes in the hair.

What is Lash Filler
What is Lash Filler


Brow Bomber is a revolutionary brow lamination treatment developed to be effective on the hair but gentle on the skin. This means that Brow Artists don’t need to cover the brows with cling film to achieve great results. What’s more, Brow Bomber solutions are formulated with the highest quality ingredients that protect not only hairs but also the skin, allowing the clients to enjoy the full benefits of the treatment without any irritation. 


Lash Lift Solutions

The user-friendly InLei® Lash Filler solutions are formulated to achieve the best results, whilst developing quickly & efficiently.


Brow Lamination solutions

Due to the molecular structure, Brow Bomber solutions can penetrate the hair efficiently, whilst working hard to nourish the brows.


Brush & Accessories

We offer a range of brushes and accessories to help you take your Brow Bomber and Lash Filler results to the next level.



Our tints offer deep, vibrant colour and long-lasting effects without causing any damage to the hair follicles.


InLei® is a game changer for anyone who is qualified in lash lifts or brow lamination, but you don't need to take our word for it, hear what our customers have to say…