Everything You Need To Know About Eyelash Extension Curls

We all know that mastering the art of eyelash extensions involves more than just applying lashes – it's about understanding the nuances of curls and helping our clients achieve their desired looks. So, we're going to break down the differences between some popular eyelash extension curls and help you figure out which ones are best suited for your clients. From classic to dramatic, there's a curl for every lash lover out there! 

Lash curls comparison of eyelash extension curls

C Curl - The Classic Choice

The C Curl is the OG of eyelash extension curls and is the most popular and widely used eyelash extension curl. They mimic the curve of the natural lashes, providing a subtle lift that opens up the eyes, perfect for clients who prefer a subtle and everyday look. It's like adding a touch of mascara without the mascara! C Curls are incredibly versatile and suit most eye shapes and lash thicknesses, making them a staple in every Lash Tech's lash extension kit. So, if your client wants a classic, timeless look, this is the way to go.

Best Suited For: Clients looking for a natural enhancement or those with naturally curly lashes.

CC Curl - A Little Extra Drama

Stepping it up a notch, the CC Curl offers a more noticeable lift and pronounced curl compared to the C Curl. If your clients desire a bit more drama without going overboard, then the CC Curl is a fantastic choice. CC Curls are great for clients with straighter natural lashes who desire a noticeable but still relatively natural-looking enhancement with just a touch more drama.

Best Suited For: Clients who want a noticeable but still somewhat natural-looking enhancement.

How to mix different lash curls for an eyelash extensions set

D Curl - Drama, Drama, Drama!

If your client is all about that drama, the D Curl is your secret weapon. These lashes are ideal for creating a dramatic, wide-eyed effect and are often chosen for special occasions or by clients who want their lashes to steal the show. Be mindful, though, as D Curls might not be suitable for everyone due to their extreme curvature.

Best Suited For: Clients who crave maximum drama and want to make a bold statement.

L Curl - The Subtle Lift

L Curls are a unique option that combines the benefits of both C and J Curls. They provide a subtle lift at the base, similar to a C Curl, while also featuring a gentle sweep towards the end, resembling a J Curl. This makes L Curls a fantastic choice for clients who want a lifted look without undergoing lash lifting treatments. They add a soft and natural touch to the eyes.

Best Suited For: Clients looking for a natural lift or those with hooded eyes.

Comparison of L Curl and XL Curl lashes

M Curl - The Curved Beauty

M Curls provide a graceful, semi-dramatic curl that's versatile and can work well with a variety of eye shapes, making them a Lash Tech favourite! Known for their soft appearance, they are a popular choice for clients who want a touch of glamour without going to the extremes of the D Curl. These lashes will bring out the beauty in every eye.

Best Suited For: Clients who want a soft and slightly glamorous look.

Extreme L Curl - Defying Gravity

When your client wants lashes that defy gravity and reach for the stars, the Extreme L Curl is the answer. These lashes provide an astonishing upward sweep, creating an incredibly lifted look that opens up the eyes. They're a game-changer for clients with hooded eyelids or downturned eyes. It's like a mini eye lift without the surgery!

Best Suited For: Clients with hooded eyelids or downturned eyes who desire a dramatic lift. 

Comparison of the differences between M Curl, L Curl and XL Curl lashes

Understanding the differences between these eyelash extension curls is a crucial skill for any Lash Technician. Each curl type offers a unique look and caters to different client preferences and eye shapes. By understanding the differences between these curls and recommending the best fit, you'll be the Lash Technician that your clients trust to make their lash dreams come true! 

If you'd like to know more about how to mix different lash curls together to create unique lash sets for your clients, then you can check out our blog post here to find out.

Comparison of lash extension curls for Lash Technicians

Now that you've got the lowdown on these fantastic lash extension curls, you can confidently recommend the perfect curls for each client. Remember, communication is key! Discuss your client's preferences, consider the characteristics of their natural lashes, and guide them toward their lash dreams. With your expertise and the right curl, you'll continue to create stunning lash transformations, one curl at a time!