Why London Lash x Staleks Pro Tweezers Are A Game Changer For Lash Techs!

We’ve got some exciting news that’s bound to elevate your lash game and your lash kit too! London Lash has teamed up with Staleks Pro to bring you a fantastic new range of eyelash tweezers that we’re thrilled to finally share with you. If you’re already a fan of our lash tweezers, you know how committed we are to quality. Every pair is thoroughly checked and hand-tested by professionals before hitting the market. So our collaboration with Staleks Pro means we’re bringing you the crème de la crème of eyelash tweezers for Lash Technicians who deserve nothing but the best!

Staleks Pro eyelash tweezers for eyelash extensions

The Tweezers Collection

The London Lash x Staleks Pro collection features seven uniquely designed eyelash tweezers, each meticulously hand-sharpened for precision and crafted with care. These lash tweezers offer smooth pinching to reduce wrist strain and their polished tips help prevent lash glue build-up, so you won’t need to clean them constantly, but they can be cleaned with an eyelash glue remover if needed. Made from stainless steel, they’re durable and can be disinfected or sterilised in an autoclave without losing their grip.

Collection of Staleks Pro eyelash tweezers

Curved Tip Volume Lash Tweezers

Perfect for creating Volume lash fans of up to 3D, these eyelash tweezers have a curved tip and tight grip. Their ergonomic and elongated handles give you a clear view of your work, ensuring precise lashing every time. 

Staleks Pro Curved Tip Eyelash Tweezers for Volume Lashes

Boot Tip Volume Lash Tweezers

With a tight, precise grip, these eyelash tweezers are ideal for crafting Volume lash fans of up to 8D using various Volume lash fanning techniques. Whether you need to create narrow lash fans or wide fans for a Voluminous lash look, these tweezers have you covered! 

Mega volume lash tweezers for volume lash extensions

L-Shape Slim Volume & Mega Volume Lash Tweezers

Versatile and ergonomic, these eyelash tweezers are great for creating narrow or wide Volume lash fans of up to 8D. Their elongated handles offer excellent control and an ergonomic design for a clear view of your work to help you see exactly what you’re doing when crafting lash fans, dipping them in lash glue, or placing them on your clients’ lashes.

Staleks Pro L-shaped eyelash tweezers for Volume Lashes

Petite Curved Tip Classic & Volume Lash Tweezers

These are your go-to eyelash tweezers for both Classic Lashes and Volume Lashes, providing superb grip and reducing wrist strain. They’re excellent for isolating individual lashes, picking up and placing eyelash extensions, and creating stunning lash fans of up to 3D.

Staleks Pro petite curved tip eyelash tweezers

Petite L-Shape Classic & Volume Lash Tweezers

With a petite L-shaped tip, these eyelash tweezers are perfect for Volume lash fans of up to 4D and isolating the natural lashes. Whether you’re creating a dramatic set of Russian Volume Lashes or need precise application for Classic lash extensions, they always ensure professional results.

Staleks Pro L-shaped lash tweezers for Classic Lashes and Volume Lashes

Precision Tip Volume Lash Tweezers

Featuring an 'L' shaped, 50-degree angle tip and secure grip, these eyelash tweezers are perfect for precise eyelash extension application on the tricky natural lashes at the inner and outer corners of the eyes. They’re also fantastic for creating Volume lash fans of up to 4D for more dramatic lash looks.

Staleks Pro precision lash tweezers for Volume Lashes

Wide Boot Tip Volume & Mega Volume Lash Tweezers

Designed for creating Volume lash fans of up to 8D, these eyelash tweezers have an ergonomic handle that offers more precision and better control with a wide boot-style tip at a 75-degree angle.

Staleks Pro wide boot tip eyelash tweezers

Whether you're looking to upgrade your lash kit or try something new, the London Lash x Staleks collaboration has something for everyone. These eyelash tweezers promise professional salon quality and are built to last. So, if you’ve been on the hunt for top-notch tweezers, look no further. With our extensive range, you’re sure to find the perfect match!