Why Your Clients Aren't Coming Back: A Lash Technician's Guide To Client Retention

If you've ever experienced the disappointment of having a client not return after their first visit, you're not alone. It's a common challenge in the beauty industry and can happen to the best of us. Let’s take a look at why this might happen and what you can do to turn things around and keep your clients coming back through your door!

Poor Communication

One of the biggest reasons clients don't return is because their expectations weren't met due to miscommunication. Maybe they didn't get the lash style they were looking for, or perhaps they had unrealistic expectations. This is why it's crucial to have a thorough consultation before starting any eyelash extension treatments. To fix this, make sure to listen attentively to your client's preferences, show them different lash mapping styles, discuss what will suit them best, and ask questions to clarify any uncertainties. Managing their expectations effectively and establishing clear communication will build trust and ensure better client satisfaction. 

lash Technician having a consultation for eyelash extensions with a lash client

Quality Over Everything!

Clients invest their time and money into getting lash extensions because they want long-lasting results. Your work speaks volumes, so if clients aren't satisfied with the results of their lashes, they won't be back! Investing in quality eyelash extensions, lash glue, and other essentials is one of the best ways you can ensure amazing retention for your clients’ lashes. Another factor that will affect the retention of your clients’ lash extensions is your pretreatment routine. Having a thorough pretreatment routine that ensures your clients’ natural lashes are squeaky clean will provide the perfect base for your lash artistry and create lashes that last. It’s also important that you educate your clients about proper aftercare to maximise the longevity of their lashes. Show them the correct way to cleanse their lashes and recommend lash-friendly products for them to use, like a Lash Shampoo, Lash Conditioner, or Lash Serum. Always make sure that you take your time during eyelash extension application, pay attention to detail, and strive for perfection. Remember, satisfied clients are your best advertisement!

Lash Technician brushing a lash client's eyelash extensions with an eyelash brush

Discomfort Or Pain During Eyelash Extension Application

Nobody likes to endure unnecessary discomfort or pain during a beauty treatment. This could be due to poor technique or sensitivities and allergies to the lash products you are using. If your clients experience discomfort during the lash application process, it's likely they won't be eager to come back. The best way to prevent your clients from experiencing an allergic reaction or identify any sensitivities they might have to the lash products you use is to conduct patch tests on them at least 48 hours before their lash appointment. This will provide plenty of time for any of your clients’ sensitivities and allergies to present themselves. So if you have clients who are reactive to eyelash glues with a black pigment, you could use a clear lash glue like Crystal Bond on them instead, or, if they’ve shown a reaction to the under eye patches you normally use, you could use Foam Tape as an alternative for them. Other ways that you can try to prevent causing pain and discomfort for your clients is by ensuring that you're using the proper techniques that you were taught during your lash courses, using high-quality lash products, and most importantly, maintaining a gentle touch throughout the process. Also, don't forget to periodically check in with your clients to ensure they're comfortable. 

Allergic reaction to eyelash extensions and eyelash extension glue

Inconsistent Availability Or Scheduling Difficulties

Sometimes, clients don't return simply because it's inconvenient for them to book appointments with you. Clients love consistency, both in the quality of your work and your availability. So if you're frequently cancelling appointments, changing your schedule, or your process for booking appointments isn’t straightforward, it can be frustrating for clients who rely on your lash services. Try to be flexible with your schedule, offering evening and weekend appointments if possible, and consider implementing an online booking system to make it easier for clients to book with you. Respect their time, and they'll respect yours in return. 

Unsatisfactory Customer Service

Outstanding customer service can make or break your clients’ experience. From the moment they walk through the door into your beauty room, make sure they feel valued and cared for. Address any concerns promptly and courteously. A positive interaction can leave a lasting impression and keep them coming back!

Miscommunication between Lash Technician and lash client during a consultation for lashes

Price And Value Perception

If clients feel like they're not getting value for the price they're paying for your eyelash extension services, they're less likely to return. Make sure that when you're setting your treatment prices, your pricing is competitive for your location, the demand for lash services in your area, and reflects the quality of your work. Research what other Lash Technicians are charging to give you a good starting point to price your lashes to attract new clients and grow your business. As you gain experience and develop your skills, you can then adjust your treatment prices accordingly. Clients will be willing to pay more for high-quality work and exceptional customer service. Another way you can ensure that your lash clients feel like they are getting their money’s worth with your services is by offering loyalty programs or special promotions to encourage repeat visits.

Never Stop Learning!

The beauty industry is ever-evolving, and as professionals, it’s important to keep up with the latest lash trends and eyelash extension techniques. Clients appreciate when you're knowledgeable about new lash styles or products that could enhance their lash experience. Attend workshops, networking events, and eyelash extension courses to stay updated and offer the best service possible for your clients. 

Lash Technicians on an eyelash extension course with a Lash Trainer for lashes

No Aftercare or Follow-Up

Aftercare is crucial for maintaining gorgeous eyelash extensions, and if your clients aren't given proper aftercare instructions or follow-up support, they may not see the value in returning. Provide thorough aftercare instructions and follow up with your clients after their lash appointments to address any concerns or questions they may have.

Avoiding Feedback

Don't be afraid to ask for feedback! Whether it's through a follow-up email or a brief questionnaire after their appointment, gathering feedback shows that you care about their experience and are committed to improvement. Take both positive and negative feedback constructively to refine your skills and services.

Lack of Personal Connections 

Lastly, building personal connections with your clients is crucial for fostering loyalty. Your clients are more likely to return if they feel valued and appreciated beyond just their business. Take the time to get to know them, remember details about them, and engage in friendly conversation during their lash appointments. A little bit of personal connection with a warm and friendly demeanour can go a long way in building a loyal client base. 

Lash Technician and lash client happy with their eyelash extensions

By addressing these common issues and making some adjustments to your approach, you can significantly improve your client retention and keep them coming back for more. Every client interaction is an opportunity to shine, so make it count! Building a successful lash business and a loyal client base takes time and effort, but the payoff is well worth it. Keep up the fantastic work, and happy lashing!