Why Easy Fanning Lashes Are A Game-Changer For Lash Technicians!

Get ready to transform your lash game with Easy Fanning Lashes! These innovative lashes are designed to fan out effortlessly, giving you stunning volume with minimal effort. Learn why Lash Techs everywhere are raving about these must-have eyelash extensions, and how they can elevate your lash sets to a whole new level.

Lash Tray and box of Easy Fanning Lashes for Russian Lashes

What Are Easy Fanning Lashes?

Easy Fanning Lashes are designed to simplify the process of creating hand-made lash fans for Russian Volume Lashes. The lashes on the strip are fixed in layers, and on each strip, you have 3 different lengths, these two factors together make the lashes pop into a fan once you squeeze them with your eyelash tweezers! This means you can create perfect, uniform lash fans with minimal effort, saving you time and ensuring consistency in your eyelash extension sets. 

Close-up of Easy Fanning Lashes for Russian Lash Extensions

Why Are Easy Fanning Lashes So Popular?

1. Working with Easy Fanning Lashes can reduce your treatment times by around 30% of your usual time for a set of Volume Lashes! This allows you to see more clients in a day without compromising on quality.

2. These lashes are perfect for Lash Techs of all skill levels. Whether you're new to Volume Lashes or a seasoned pro, Easy Fanning Lashes make the process easier and more efficient.

3. Achieving perfectly symmetrical lash fans can be tricky, but with Easy Fanning Lashes, each lash fan you create is consistent and beautifully uniform, ensuring a flawless finish every time.

4. The best lashes for creating the coveted Kim K Lashes.

5. They work well with every eyelash extension glue

6. They're available in the most popular thicknesses of 0.03, 0.05, and 0.07, which means that you'll be able to create both natural lash looks, and darker, more dramatic looks.

7. The shiny finish of these lashes provide an extra WOW effect for your lash sets.

8. These super light and fluttery lashes are safe to use on the natural lashes without the risk of causing damage to them from their weight putting any strain on them. 

Close-up easy fanning lashes for Russian Eyelash Extensions

    Why Easy Fanning Lashes Are A Must For Lash Techs

    If you’re looking to enhance your services and improve client satisfaction, Easy Fanning Lashes are a must-have in your lash kit. Here’s why:

    • Increased Client Satisfaction: Clients love the dramatic, full look of Russian Volume Lashes. Easy Fanning Lashes allow you to deliver this look quickly and consistently, keeping your clients happy and coming back for more!
    • More Revenue: With the ability to complete sets of Volume Lashes faster, you can increase the number of appointments you take in a day, boosting your income potential.
    • Reduced Fatigue: Manually creating lash fans with individual lashes can be time-consuming and tiring. Easy Fanning Lashes help reduce the strain on your hands and eyes, making your workday more comfortable.
    • Versatile Lashes: Easy Fanning Lashes are available in C, CC and D curls in both mixed-length and single-length lash trays, so you can create any set imaginable! 
    Close-up of Russian Volume Lashes

    Application Tips For Easy Fanning Lashes

    To get the most out of your Easy Fanning Lashes, here are some handy application tips:

    1. Use the Right Lash Tweezers: Opt for Volume Lash Tweezers with a precise tip that allows you to easily pick up and place the lashes.

    2. Isolate Properly: Ensure each of the individual lashes are isolated correctly before applying the lash fans to prevent the lashes from sticking together and to maintain a clean look.

    3. Practice Your Pick-Up Technique: Mastering the right pick-up technique will help you create the perfect lash fan every time. Practice makes perfect!

      Lash tech applying Russian Lashes with eyelash tweezers

      Recommended Tools For Easy Fanning Lashes

      To create stunning sets of Russian Volume Lashes with Easy Fanning Lashes, consider investing in the following lash tools:

      • Volume Lash Tweezers: Look for eyelash tweezers with a fine tip that can handle the delicate fanning lashes with precision.
      • Eyelash Glue: Use an adhesive that is appropriate for your skill level as a Lash Tech and works well with the environmental conditions of your lash room for optimal results.
      • Lash Pallets: Using a lash pallet will help to provide you with a smooth, flat surface to arrange your lashes on to keep them easily accessible and organised during application.
      Eyelash tweezers picking up a lash fan for Volume Lashes

      Easy Fanning Lashes are revolutionising the lash industry, making it easier than ever to create beautiful, full Volume Lashes. By incorporating these lashes into your services, you can enhance your efficiency, deliver stunning results, and increase your client satisfaction and revenue. So why wait? Upgrade your lash game today with Easy Fanning Lashes and see the difference for yourself!