Our brand new Easy Fanning lashes have been super popular since we launched them almost a month ago. We’re not too surprised and were kind of expecting such a positive reaction to the new lash loves of our lives - here’s why ;-)

<img alt ="easy fanning lashes" alt="volume set of easy fanning lashes on models eyes">

  1. Working with easy fanning lashes can reduce treatment time by around 30% of your usual volume treatment time!
  2. They are easy to use (as the name would suggest), which means that even if you are new to the Russian Volume technique, you will be able to work with them easily. Obviously, they do require a bit of practice, but it shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes and you will be able to work with them confidently.
  3. Ideal for creating the coveted wispy Kim K look.
  4. Work well with every glue 
  5. They come in the most popular 0.03, 0.05 and 0.07 thickness, which means that you will be able to create both natural looks, and darker, more dramatic looks
  6. Shiny finish for an extra WOW effect
  7. Super light and fluttery 

So what puts the ‘easy’ in ‘easy fanning lashes’?                  

The lashes on the strip are fixed in layers, and on each strip, you have 3 different lengths, these two factors together make the lashes pop into a fan once you squeeze them with your tweezers

easy fanning volume lashes, lash extensions, easy fan lash extensions

Correctly applied easy fanning lashes will last as long as your regular hand-made fans, our only advice is to use slightly more glue than you usually would, as the base itself is a little bit heavier - though not heavy enough to cause any damage, thank goodness!

Easy Fanning Lashes are available in C, CC and D curls in mixed length and single length trays, so you can create any set imaginable! 

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