Black Friday Beauty: Your Ticket to Trying New Eyelash Extension Products

If you're as passionate about enhancing those fluttery eyelashes as we are, then you're in for a treat. As we gear up for the shopping frenzy that is Black Friday, there's one fabulous reason for Lash Technicians to get even more excited: London Lash's incredible Black Friday deals! We're here to explain why the Black Friday sales are the perfect opportunity for Lash Technicians to explore and experiment with new eyelash extension products. Trust us; it's a beauty lover's paradise, and here's why.

Quality Lash Supplies Meets Unbeatable Discounts

Let's face it, who can resist a good deal? The Black Friday sales are your golden opportunity to snag premium eyelash extension products at jaw-dropping prices. Whether you're looking for eyelash glue, lash tweezers, or lashes themselves, you'll find unbelievable discounts that can help you restock or experiment with new goodies. Imagine treating yourself to high-quality lashes, eyelash extension glues, and lash tools without breaking the bank – it's a Lash Technician's dream come true!  

Black Friday deals on eyelash extensions and lash supplies

Unbelievable Black Friday Deals on Bundles & Lash Extension Kits

Hold onto your lash tweezers because we don't hold back when it comes to offering amazing lash product bundles and lash extension kits. Our specially curated sets often feature a mix of lash extension types, eyelash glues, eyelash tweezers, and more. By snagging one of these, you're not only saving money but also ensuring that your lash extension kit is fully equipped with everything you need for stunning lash transformations. If you’ve previously been using only the essential pretreatment lash products for your eyelash extension pretreatment routine, then the Black Friday discounts will be the perfect opportunity for you to go a step further. Try the Pretreatment Bundle for our ultimate 5-step pretreatment routine, and see how your lash extension retention will be better than ever! Why not take advantage of the Black Friday deals to help boost your income by retailing your own eyelash extensions aftercare kit? It’s one of the easiest ways that you, as a Lash Artist, can help encourage your clients to look after their beautiful new lashes and maintain amazing retention. Some examples of what you could include in this nifty little kit are an eyelash brush, lash shampoo, cleansing lash brush, and an aftercare leaflet with instructions. 

Lash supplies for eyelash extensions pretreatment

Discover Our Latest Lash Innovations

The beauty industry evolves at the speed of light, so we’re always at the forefront of innovation. This Black Friday, seize the opportunity to experiment with some of our latest eyelash extension products. Are you ready to level up your lash game and give your clients a show-stopping look they won't forget? EXTREME L-curl is the new curl on the block! This on-trend lash curl is the latest curl to come to the market in the ever-changing lash industry and offers an alternative to the L curl. They’re excellent for lengthening the outer corners of the eyes and creating that purrfect Cat Eye styling, Wet Look or Hybrid lashes that clients LOVE! Or, if you’re looking to venture into creating gorgeous Mega Volume lashes for your clients, then why not try our new Mega Volume lash tweezers? These eyelash tweezers have been designed by our Master Lash Artists to help Lash Technicians effortlessly create the perfect lash fans for Mega Volume lashes. They come in three variants of angles and boot lengths to help suit your unique lashing style. Whether you're keen to try innovative lash types or master unique application techniques, our lash products will be your gateway to staying ahead of the lash game. 

Eyelash tweezers for Mega Volume lashes

Elevate Your Lash Artistry

Every Lash Technician knows that experimenting with different products can be a game-changer for your lash artistry skills. It's a chance to diversify your techniques, cater to various client preferences, and take your expertise to new heights. With these lash products, you're not just investing in materials; you're investing in your own career as a Lash Technician. If you're a Lash Technician trained in Russian Volume lashes and are looking for the perfect way to reduce your treatment time without reducing the quality of your lash sets, then the Black Friday deals are an excellent time to invest in some Easy Fanning lashes and Premade lash fans! Gone are the days of having to slave away over creating the perfect lash fans. With these handy little lashes, you can basically just grab and go! 

Easy fan lashes for Russian Volume lashes

Stay Up to Date with Lash Extension Trends

Curious about that new lash trend you've seen all over social media? Or maybe you've heard rave reviews about a new type of lash extension? Black Friday is your golden opportunity to try out these new products without the guilt of overspending. With the significant discounts available, you can explore different products that pique your interest, adding versatility to your lash extension kit. 

Prepare for the Holiday Rush

Black Friday marks the beginning of the festive season, and your clients will soon be clamoring for lash extensions to dazzle at holiday parties. By experimenting with different lash products now, you'll be well-prepared to deliver those breathtaking lash transformations during the busy season. Your clients will love the quality and attention to detail that your lash products provide. Black Friday sales are a great chance for you to invest in curating a collection of coloured eyelash extensions so that you’re prepared to create any festive lash looks that your clients desire!

Delight Your Clients with Quality Lash Supplies

Client satisfaction is the key to a thriving lash business. When you experiment with new eyelash extension products and discover what works best for you and your clients, you can provide a more tailored and satisfying experience. For example, invest in different types of under eye patches and lash tapes so that clients who may be sensitive to a particular product have the option to try something else to see if it works better for them, to ensure a comfortable and safe lash extension treatment. Meeting your clients' unique needs and exceeding their expectations is the recipe for building a loyal and expanding customer base. Happy clients mean repeat business and referrals – the lifeblood of any successful Lash Technician. 

Under eye patches for eyelash extensions treatments

Elevate your lash game, diversify your skills, and prepare for a fantastic holiday season filled with satisfied clients. Black Friday is not just about scoring incredible deals on TVs or clothing; it's also the perfect time for Lash Technicians to dive into the world of eyelash extension products and maybe try something you’ve always wanted. With unbeatable discounts, bundles, and the opportunity to try new products and trends, Black Friday can elevate your lash game to the next level. So, get ready to shop, experiment, and make your clients' lash dreams come true this Black Friday! Happy lashing!