Stocking Up for Success: The Best Black Friday Shopping Guide for Lash Techs

Black Friday is just around the corner, and it's that time of the year when you get to snag some amazing deals on beauty products you’ve had your eye on. So… we're here to help you make the most out of the Black Friday sales. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your journey in the lash industry, we've put together a list of essentials, exciting new items, and underrated gems to stock up on during the Black Friday sales!


London Lash Top Tip: Before you start your Black Friday shopping spree, set a budget and prioritise your needs. This will help you make the most of the Black Friday sales without going overboard!


Must-Haves and Essentials

Eyelash Extensions: Let's start with the basics. Stock up on your favourite lash extensions for Classic lashes and Volume lashes, and ensure you have a variety of lengths, curls, and thicknesses to cater to your clients' unique preferences. It's also the perfect time to explore new lash styles, and different coloured lash extensions to experiment with different looks.

Eyelash extensions for Classic lashes and Russian Volume lashes

Eyelash Extension Glue: A good lash glue is the backbone of your lash application. Ensure you have enough on hand to last you through your busiest months. If you’re finding that your eyelash glue isn’t drying quickly enough and is slowing down your treatments, now is the perfect time to try out a new lash glue that works better for you! Try a sample of a faster-drying eyelash glue to see how you get on with it before you invest in a full-size bottle. 

Collection of professional eyelash extension glue for lash extensions

Lash Tweezers: High-quality eyelash tweezers are a Lash Tech's best friend. Look for isolating lash tweezers that make the isolation of individual lashes a breeze, and a pair of lash tweezers with excellent precision to help you pick up eyelash extensions easily and make lash extension application effortless. 

Eyelash tweezers for eyelash extensions

Lash Shampoo: Help your clients maintain their lash extensions by offering a reliable lash cleanser. Invest in lash cleansers that are specially formulated to keep extensions clean and healthy. Your clients will appreciate the extra care, and it can extend the life of their lashes. It's also a great add-on product that you can retail to your clients to boost your sales! 

Lash cleanser for natural lashes and eyelash extensions

Lash Remover: Maybe one of your clients has decided that they want to completely change their lash look to a hot new lash trend they’ve seen, or sometimes clients aren’t fully satisfied with their lashes, and so some, if not all, of the lash extensions may need to be removed. Having a gentle but effective lash remover on hand to safely remove eyelash extensions is essential. Sometimes, even after you’ve conducted a patch test on your client that didn’t show any allergies or sensitivity to your lash products, that client can still have a reaction occur during or after their lash treatment and will need to have their lashes removed. 

Cream lash remover for lash removal

Lash Trays and Organisers: Keep your lash extensions organised and easily accessible with stylish storage solutions like our lash trays and organisers. They'll not only make your beauty room more efficient but also elevate its aesthetic. Staying organised will save you time and stress during lash appointments. 

Storage for eyelash extensions supplies

Under Eye Patches and Lash Tape: Comfort is key for your clients. Ensure your clients are comfortable during their appointments by stocking up on under-eye patches and lash tape for a smooth and irritation-free lash application experience. They're a must for any lash service and are essential for proper isolation and protection of the lower natural lashes.


London Lash Top Tip: Remember, while stocking up on these essentials, try to avoid purchasing too many liquids. These tend to have a shorter shelf life, so it's best not to overstock them.


Lash Supplies You've Been Thinking About Trying


Premade Lash Fans: If you haven't tried them yet, Premade Lash Fans can be a game-changer for your Russian Volume lashes! They save you time during appointments by removing the need  to create your own lash fans by hand and ensure consistent lash fans every time. 

Pre-made lash fabs for Russian Volume lashes

Lash Extension Kits: If you haven't explored the world of lash extension kits yet, Black Friday is the perfect time to give it a shot. Lash extension kits are the perfect way to ensure you have absolutely everything you could possibly need to deliver gorgeous sets of Classic lashes or Russian Volume lashes all in one place.

Lash Courses: Black Friday is an excellent opportunity to invest in your skills. Our lash extension courses are also discounted during the Black Friday sales, making it a great time to develop your skills! Investing in your education is never a bad idea, it can help you stay at the top of your lash game and level up your expertise.

Lash Pretreatment Products: Black Friday sales aren't just about restocking your lash extension supplies; they're the perfect opportunity to explore and experiment with new pretreatment products. Trying out different pretreatment products can elevate your clients' lash experience, ensuring longer-lasting and healthier results. Plus, these sales allow you to do so without breaking the bank! 

Lash cleanser and lash supplies for eyelash extensions pretreatment

Salon Decor: Black Friday is the ideal time to treat yourself to some exciting new additions to your lash room! Revamp your salon decor with stunning lash-themed posters and lash bed covers that reflect your unique style and create a welcoming atmosphere for your clients.  

Salon decor for beauty bed with beauty bed cover

Underrated Items You Might Not Have Considered

Lash Pillow: Investing in a comfortable and ergonomic lash pillow can make a world of difference during long lash sessions. It can make a big difference in your clients' experience as your clients will love the added comfort, and you'll appreciate the support it provides by keeping your client’s head in the perfect lashing position to help you work more efficiently.

Lash Tape Dispenser: Say goodbye to fumbling with lash tape rolls. A lash tape dispenser keeps things neat and efficient. 

Lash Glue Stones: A crystal stone is perfect for keeping your lash glue cool and extending its life during your lash appointments.

Lash Artist Apparel: When it comes to protective wear like lash tunics or aprons, they not only add a touch of professionalism to your lash studio but also keep you comfortable and stylish during those long lash sessions.

Lash Mirror: Consider trying out a lash mirror to enhance your precision during lash applications, making sure every lash is perfect. Check your work from different angles with a lash mirror to ensure perfection!

Lash mirror checking eyelash extensions with under eye patch
Whether you're replenishing your essentials or trying out new tools and products, the Black Friday sales are the perfect time to elevate your lash game. Happy shopping, and don’t forget to tag us on our Instagram to show us what Black Friday bargains you’ve grabbed yourself!