Lash In A Flash: Your Guide To Faster Eyelash Extension Applications

Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned pro, perfecting the art of eyelash extensions can sometimes feel like a never-ending journey. The quest for speed and precision is real, but you also want your clients to leave with perfectly fluttering lashes. So, let’s dive into some tips and tools that can help you get better and faster at applying eyelash extensions without compromising on quality.


Preparation Is Key

Before you even pick up your lash tweezers, make sure your workspace is organised and your tools are within easy reach. A clutter-free area can significantly speed up your process by minimising the time spent searching for items and maximising your efficiency.

A well-organised workspace can make a world of difference:

Layout: Keep your most-used tools on your lash trolley to minimise movement.

Lighting: Use a bright, adjustable beauty light to illuminate your workspace and reduce eye strain. 

Ergonomic: Ensure your workspace is comfortable and ergonomic. A good chair can reduce strain and fatigue, as well as help you to maintain a proper posture to prevent back and neck pain, allowing you to work faster and more efficiently.


London Lash Top Tip: Use a lash palette to lay out your lashes. It keeps them organised by length and curl, saving you precious seconds (that add up!).

Acrylic lash extension palette with eyelash extensions

Invest In Quality Lash Tools

Your tools are an extension of your hands. Investing in high-quality eyelash tweezers can make a big difference. Look for lash tweezers with a fine tip for precise placement such as:

Isolation Tweezers: For separating the natural lashes ready for applying eyelash extensions and preventing stickies.

Multifunctional Tweezers: For picking up and placing eyelash extensions onto the natural lashes.


Product Selection

Quality lash products lead to better results and faster applications:

Pre-Treatment Products: Using a Cleanser and Primer will ensure your client's natural lashes are clean and free of makeup or oils before starting. This helps the lash extensions adhere better and last longer.

Premade Lash Fans: Using Premade Lash Fans can save you a lot of time compared to hand-making fans during an appointment. They’re excellent for Russian Volume Lashes and can create a fuller look in less time. 

Lash Glues: Whilst choosing a fast-drying eyelash glue can significantly cut down application time, it’s important to ensure the lash glue you choose suits your working speed and your environment’s humidity and temperature. You also need to keep your adhesives fresh and store them properly in an Air Tight Container to maintain their effectiveness.


London Lash Top Tip: You should always shake your eyelash extension glue before use to ensure it's mixed well, and a Lash Glue Shaker will do so in just 15 seconds! 

Lash glue shaker with eyelash extension glue inserted

Mastering Your Technique

Consistency is key in lash applications, and here are some tips to fine-tune your technique:

Isolation is Essential: Use curved lash tweezers to isolate each natural lash accurately. Practice makes perfect, so invest some time in mastering isolation. 

Proper Placement: Ensure you’re placing the eyelash extensions 1-2 mm away from the eyelid. This prevents discomfort and ensures longevity.

Perfect Your Glue Dipping: Dip the eyelash extension in adhesive up to 1/3 of its length to ensure a strong bond without excess lash glue.


Lash Mapping 

Plan your lash application by mapping out where each type of eyelash extension will go. This blueprint will guide you through the process, ensuring you don’t waste time deciding where to place each lash. Taking a methodical approach can help speed up the process and ensure a consistent look across both eyes.

Lash Tech applying easy fan lashes with lash tweezers using a lash map

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Speed comes with practice. The more you practise, the more proficient you become. Set aside some time each week to practise on a mannequin head or a willing friend. This helps you get comfortable with different techniques and lash styles.


Stay Updated With Lash Trends And Techniques

The beauty industry is always evolving. Stay ahead by attending workshops, watching tutorials, and taking eyelash extension courses. Learning new techniques can often save you time and improve your results.

Stay updated with the latest lash trends and techniques: 

Workshops and Lash Courses: Regularly attend workshops or enrol onto lash extension courses to learn new techniques and refresh your skills. Watching experts at work can provide new insights and techniques to incorporate into your routine.

Online Tutorials: Follow lash experts on social media and watch tutorials to pick up tips and tricks.  

Lash Trainer teaching a Lash Tech on an eyelash extension course

Client Comfort And Management

Ensure your client is comfortable and positioned correctly. An adjustable lash bed and a memory foam lash pillow can make a huge difference. Proper client positioning reduces the need for adjustments during the session, making the process smoother and faster.

Efficient client management can also help you save time and enhance your reputation:

Consultations: Spend time at the beginning of each lash appointment conducting a thorough consultation with your clients to understand their needs and preferences. This ensures you are both on the same page and helps minimise misunderstandings so you can proceed without interruptions and reduce application time.

Booking System: Use a reliable booking system to manage appointments efficiently and reduce no-shows.

Client Feedback: Encourage your clients to provide feedback. Knowing what they like or dislike helps you refine your techniques and improve your service.



Lastly, it's crucial that you take care of yourself too:

Regular Breaks: Take short breaks between clients to rest your eyes and hands.

Hydration and Nutrition: Stay hydrated and eat nutritious meals to maintain your energy levels throughout the day.

Mental Health: Engage in activities that help you relax and de-stress. A happy and healthy Lash Technician provides the best service!
Facial and facial massage by aesthetic practitioner

Getting faster at applying eyelash extensions without compromising on quality is a skill that takes time to develop. It’s all about practice, using the right tools, and continuously learning. By implementing these tips, you'll be well on your way to becoming a faster, more efficient Lash Tech!