Advice For Lash Technicians With A Work-From-Home Lash Business

If you've already mastered the basics of running your eyelash extension business from home, you might be wondering, “What’s next?” How do you take your business from good to great, from surviving to thriving? Here are some advanced tips to help you enhance your lash business and keep your clients coming back for more!

Fine-Tune Your Client Experience

Client comfort is key. But now, it’s time to take it up a notch with little touches that can make your service exceptional. Think about the client journey from the moment they book an appointment to their follow-up for a lash infill. Could you offer a selection of refreshments, or personalised thank-you notes post-appointment? Maybe consider introducing a loyalty program for your repeat clients as a reward for their continued support of your lash business. These small touches can make a big impact on client satisfaction and retention.

Personalised thank you note from a Lash Tech for their eyelash extension client

Maintain A Professional Environment

Keep your workspace strictly professional. This means having a separate entrance for your business, if possible, or at least a dedicated area that is kept impeccably clean and separate from your personal living spaces. Consistency in your business hours and professional attire will also reinforce a business-like atmosphere. 

Refine Your Brand

Now that you're established, it's time to polish your brand. If you haven’t already, develop a clear, attractive brand identity. What makes your services unique? Maybe you specialise in Natural Lash Extensions or dramatic Volume Lashes—whatever it is, make it clear in your branding. Update your logo, business cards, and social media profiles to reflect your unique selling points and professional aesthetic. A cohesive and professional look builds trust and helps attract clients.

Boost Your Online Presence

Social media is a powerful tool for visual services like lash extensions. Showcase high-quality images of your work, share client testimonials, and post about your hygiene practices and the products you use. Consider creating short video clips of the application process or a time-lapse of a lash session—engaging content that can boost your profile and attract a broader audience. If you haven't already, you should also set up a professional website where clients can learn about your services, book appointments, and read testimonials.

Lash Technician creating a website for their eyelash extension business

Utilise Smart Marketing Strategies

By now, you likely have a solid client base and some experience you can use to your advantage in your marketing. Encourage repeat business with loyalty programs or membership packages that offer perks or discounts for frequent visits. Implement a referral program to incentivise clients to bring friends. Both strategies increase client retention and attract new customers without the high costs of traditional advertising. It’s also important that you utilise local SEO strategies to ensure people in your area find you first when searching for lash services. Engaging with local influencers can also boost your visibility.

Streamline Your Booking And Payments

As your business grows, keeping track of appointments and finances can become more complex. If you’re still managing appointments manually, consider switching to an online booking system and using accounting software to keep track of your earnings and expenses. This not only saves you time but also provides a more seamless experience for your clients. For payments, offer multiple options like credit cards, digital wallets, or online pre-payments to make transactions smooth and hassle-free.

Lash client paying for an eyelash extension treatment online

Stay Connected With The Lash Industry

Networking with other professionals can provide support, inspire new ideas, and keep you informed about industry standards and expectations. Join online forums, attend trade shows, and connect with suppliers and Lash Trainers. Being active in the lash community can lead to opportunities for collaborations and partnerships.

Invest In Advanced Lash Courses

Never stop learning! The beauty industry is dynamic, with new trends and techniques developing constantly. Advanced eyelash extension courses can introduce you to new products and advanced techniques that improve the quality of your work. Not only will this diversify your service offerings, but it also keeps your business competitive and cutting-edge. Keep your skills sharp and your clients intrigued by continuing your education.

Lash Trainer teaching a Lash Tech on a lash course for lash extensions

Upgrade Your Beauty Room And Lash Products

If you haven't done so already, consider making upgrades to your workspace to maintain a high level of professionalism. Using top-of-the-line products and equipment not only makes your job easier but also improves the overall client experience. It’s worth investing in an ergonomic chair for yourself and a lash bed for your clients, high-quality lighting, and stylish storage solutions in your beauty room that will help you to stay organised and improve your efficiency. High-quality products tend to be safer, more comfortable, and yield longer-lasting results, all of which your clients will notice and appreciate. 

Lash bed with a lash pillow in a beauty room for lash extensions

Ask For Feedback And Adapt

Don’t be shy about asking your clients for feedback after their appointments. This can be through a follow-up email or a quick message, providing you with invaluable insights into what you’re doing well and areas where you might improve. Client feedback is a direct pipeline to understanding your market and refining your offerings. Remember, a business that listens is a business that grows.

Running a home-based eyelash extension business offers wonderful opportunities for growth, flexibility, and personal satisfaction. Taking these steps can really polish your professional image and enhance the quality of your services. Keep up the great work, and here's to your continued success in the lash world!