Classic Lashes vs. Russian Volume Lashes: What Lash Technicians Need To Know

If you're reading this, chances are you're either considering offering Russian Volume Lashes to your clients or you have clients curious about making the switch from Classic Lashes. Let’s take a look at what this transition entails, with our top tips and advice for both you and your clients.


What Are Russian Volume Lashes?

Classic Lashes involve applying a single eyelash extension to each natural eyelash, giving a natural and elegant look. They’re the perfect lash style for clients who want a subtle enhancement. Volume Lashes, on the other hand, involves applying multiple lash extensions in a fan to each of the natural lashes, which creates a fuller, more dramatic look. This technique is ideal for clients looking for a glamorous and voluminous appearance for their lashes.

Lash client with a set of Russian eyelash extensions

Why Make The Switch To Volume Lashes?

Enhanced Volume and Fullness: Russian Volume Lashes provide a dramatic and fuller look than Classic Lashes, making them ideal for clients who crave that glamorous, red-carpet-ready style.

Lightweight Lashes: Despite multiple lash extensions being applied, the lashes are incredibly lightweight, ensuring comfort and safety for the natural lashes.

Customisable Looks: You can customise the volume and length to match each client's preferences and natural lash health. From volume to mega volume, depending on the client’s preference.

Increased Demand: Russian Volume Lashes are increasingly popular among clients seeking a more striking look.

Skill Enhancement: Mastering this technique can set you apart from other Lash Technicians and increase your service offerings.

Higher Revenue: Due to the complexity and time required, you can charge higher prices for a set of Russian Volume Lashes. 

Lash Tech brushing Russian lash extensions with an eyelash brush

Preparing Your Clients For The Transition

Explain the Differences: Conduct thorough consultations with your clients to make sure they understand the key differences between Classic lash extensions and Russian Volume Lashes and show them pictures to illustrate the varying effects.

Set Realistic Expectations: Discuss their desired lash look and make sure it aligns with what can be achieved based on their natural lashes.

Emphasise Aftercare: Proper aftercare is crucial for maintaining any set of eyelash extensions. So make sure to provide detailed aftercare instructions, such as cleansing their lashes with a specially formulated lash shampoo and cleansing lash brush, brushing their lashes daily with an eyelash brush, as well as avoiding oil-based products and not rubbing their eyes to maintain the fullness and longevity of their lash extensions. 

Foaming lash shampoo for eyelash extension pretreatment

Tips For Lash Technicians

Lash Courses: This technique requires precision and practice, so it’s important that you ensure you have proper training in applying Russian Volume Lashes by enrolling on a reputable eyelash extension course for Volume Lashes. It’s an investment that will pay off in happy, returning clients.

High-Quality Lash Extensions: Use lightweight, high-quality lash extensions to prevent causing damage to the natural lashes, and to ensure comfort and longevity for your clients.

Practice: Practice creating and applying lash fans on a mannequin head to become more confident and efficient in your lash application.

Patience: Russian Volume Lashes take longer to apply, so make sure that you schedule enough time for each lash appointment to avoid rushing and compromising quality.

Lash Trends and Techniques: Stay current with the latest lash trends and techniques in the lash industry to continually offer your clients the best. 

Lash Technicians applying eyelash extensions

For Your Lash Clients: What To Expect

Longer Application Time: Applying Russian Volume Lashes takes a bit longer than Classic Lashes, so clients should expect a longer appointment. They should be prepared for their appointment to last between 2-3 hours.

Comfort: Reassure them that the process is comfortable, and they’ll be lying down with their eyes closed for a couple of hours, just like they would for a set of Classic lash extensions. 

Routine Maintenance: Clients should schedule regular eyelash extension infills every 2-3 weeks to keep their lashes looking their best. Skipping these appointments can lead to unevenness and gaps in their lash set. 

Eyelash extension infill using lash tape

Making The Switch Smoothly

For those clients who are hesitant or new to lash extensions, consider offering them a set of Hybrid Lashes instead—combining both Classic Lashes and Volume Lashes. This can be a great way to introduce them to a fuller lash look gradually.

Close-up of a lash client with Kim K lashes

Transitioning to Russian Volume Lashes is a fantastic way to offer your clients a fuller, more glamorous look. By educating your clients, mastering the technique, and providing excellent aftercare advice, you’ll ensure a smooth transition that keeps your clients coming back for more!