The Ultimate Guide To Lash Extensions For Blonde And Fair Coloured Lashes

Working with clients with fair and blonde natural eyelashes can be a unique challenge, but it’s also a fantastic opportunity to showcase your skills and create a stunning lash look that they’ll love. With the right approach, you can provide the best service possible for these lovely clients and ensure they leave your lash salon looking fabulous and feeling confident!


Start With A Thorough Lash Consultation

First things first, always start with a detailed consultation to understand exactly what your client wants. Some might prefer a subtle enhancement, while others may want a more dramatic look. Clients with fair natural lashes often have specific preferences and concerns. Discuss their preferences and desired outcome, daily routines, and any past experiences with lash extensions. Clear communication is key to setting realistic expectations and achieving the best results. 

Eyelash extension consultation

Blend With Black-Brown Lashes

Blending is crucial when working with fair natural lashes. Using brown-coloured eyelash extensions can create a softer, more natural look. This helps the eyelash extensions blend in better with the natural lashes and avoids creating a harsh contrast that can sometimes occur with black lash extensions.


London Lash Top Tip: When using coloured lash extensions instead of classic black lashes, it’s important that you use a clear lash glue like Crystal Bond to ensure a seamless blend for the lash set instead of eyelash glue with a black pigment. 

Lash client with fair natural lashes and brown coloured lash extensions

Opt For Classic Lashes Or Lighter Volume Lashes

Classic Lashes or lighter Russian Volume Lashes are often the best choices for clients with fair and blonde natural lashes. These lash styles will blend better with their natural eyelashes, avoiding a stark contrast that can look unnatural. Classic lash extensions will add length and a touch of fullness without overwhelming their fair natural lashes and provide a beautiful but natural enhancement. Volume Lashes with lightweight 2D or 3D volume lash fans will add a little bit more fullness whilst still maintaining a natural appearance.

Natural lash extensions with classic lashes

Working In Lash Layers Will Be Your Best Friend

On the other hand, if you have a client who desires a set of lashes with a more dense and voluminous look, then your lash application will really come into play. While your first thought might be to tint the natural lashes so that they’ll be darker and a better colour match for black lash extensions, we’d only recommend doing so for clients with natural lashes that grow downwards as you’ll have to leave a gap of at least 5 days after tinting the natural lashes before applying eyelash extensions. This helps protect the health of their lashes since they’ll be more vulnerable after tinting.

However, to save both yourself and your client time, you can apply the lash extensions to the underneath of the natural lashes, especially on the bottom lash layer, and on top of the natural lashes on the top lash layer as this will help to hide the fair natural lashes whether the eyes are open or closed. You can check out our blog post here for our top tips on how to work with the lashes in layers and easy tape hacks that will make your lash application a breeze!


London Lash Top Tip: Using a lash mirror during this lash application will be your secret weapon for ensuring a seamless set of lashes, as you’ll be able to continuously check the coverage of the natural lashes with the eyelash extensions and make sure your client’s eyes are closed to help prevent chemicals burns caused by the lash glue fumes.

Eyelash extension mirror

Consider Less Coverage

Less can be more when it comes to fair natural eyelashes. Instead of going for a full set, encourage clients to opt for less coverage, about 60-80% instead of 100%. This can help the eyelash extensions blend better with their natural lashes and prevent the lash extensions from standing out too harshly against their natural lashes for a more cohesive look.


Use Shorter Lash Lengths

When it comes to length, shorter eyelash extensions are typically more flattering for clients with blonde or fair lashes. Lash extensions that are too long can look out of place and unnatural on fair lashes. Using eyelash extensions that are only slightly longer than the client’s natural lashes ensures a more natural appearance with a subtle yet noticeable enhancement. 


Choosing The Right Lash Curls 

The type of lash curl you choose can significantly impact the final look. For a more natural appearance, B or C curls are usually ideal as they mimic the natural lash curl whilst still providing a gentle lift that blends seamlessly with the natural lashes. However, if your client wants a more dramatic effect, D curls or even L curls can add the desired lift and drama. It's all about balancing their preferences with what will look most flattering for their eye shape and overall look.

Different eyelash extension curls

Eyelash Extension Aftercare

Aftercare is crucial to maintaining the health and appearance of the lash extensions and natural lashes. Educate your clients on the importance of regular infills and proper aftercare. Recommend that they use a specially formulated lash shampoo and cleansing lash brush to clean their lashes daily, as well as using an eyelash brush to brush their lashes to prevent them from tangling. Regular lash infills every 2-3 weeks will also help to keep their lashes looking fresh and full. Proper aftercare is the best way for clients to ensure their eyelash extensions last longer and keep their natural lashes healthy once they’ve left your lash salon.

Lash Shampoo for cleaning lash extensions

Build Client Confidence 

Clients with fair lashes might sometimes feel self-conscious about their natural lashes and that they’re less noticeable. Your expertise and personalised service can help boost their confidence significantly. Take before and after photos of their lashes to show them the transformation and reassure them of the beautiful results!


By following these tips, you’ll be well-equipped to give your clients with fair and blonde eyelashes the stunning lash extensions they desire. It’s all about personalisation and enhancing the natural beauty that is already there!