Why You Should Consider An Eyelash Extension Course In The New Year

The new year is here, and with it are all the resolutions and hopes for the year to come. If you’re looking for a way to make more money from home as a student or stay-at-home parent, want to develop some new skills, or you're even just hoping to meet new people, we have one really excellent solution for you. Here are some of the things that are really great about lash extension courses...

Meet New People

Eyelash Extension courses are a great way to meet new people, like your coursemates and any clients you might attract along the way. The lash extensions industry is one based on community, as well as brands being approachable and down for a lash chat any time via social media channels or their customer care team, so there tend to be lots of networking events for Lash Techs like conferences or even championships

Lash Trainer teaching a lash course for lash extensions to Lash Techs

Make More Money

Being a Lash Technician is also a really lucrative way to make some extra money - on average, being a new Lash Tech you can easily charge £30 for a full set of Classic lashes, and as you develop your lash skills and build your portfolio, you can begin to charge more for your lash sets. Doing one lash set per day, five days per week will take around 7.5 hours out of your schedule, and will make you a cool £150 per week - that’s an extra £600 per month just with one client per day!

You can easily build that up to a liveable wage by taking on some additional clients. Ultimately, how much money you make is up to you - we highly recommend increasing your prices as you take additional lash courses such as Russian Volume lashes, and just as you gain experience and broaden your portfolio. 

Take It Further

We’ve all heard the term ‘dead-end-job’, right? Well being a Lash Technician is probably as far from that idea as you can get! Not only is there always something new to learn, but you also have the capability to expand your business almost exponentially. 

While you can obviously work on expanding your business as a Lash Tech (seeing more clients, renting a salon space, renting an entire salon with staff members, etc.) you can also branch out in other ways. Prior students of London Lash have gone on to become Lash Trainers, conference speakers, competition judges, and so much more. The world of eyelash extensions is huge, and it's growing constantly. 

Lash Trainer teaching a lash course for lashes to Lash Technicians

Expand Your Knowledge

The eyelash extensions industry moves at an eye-watering pace - there is always some new trending lash style to learn and perfect, a new product to try out or a new and innovative lash hack to save you time and add to yours and/or your clients’ experience.

When you take an eyelash extension course, you’ll typically begin with a course in Classic lash extensions (sometimes known as single eyelash extensions) and then you have the option to take further lash courses as and when you want to expand your treatment list. The typical next step is to take a course in Russian Volume lashes, where you’ll learn how to create volume fans by hand in a few different ways so that you can offer a variety of lash looks for your clients, from gorgeous fluffy lashes, to wispy hybrid lash sets and beyond. 

What Is Covered On A London Lash Eyelash Extension Course?

A lash course for Classic lash extensions will be the first step. On a beginner’s lash extension course you will learn how to set up your work space in order to keep yourself and your clients safe and happy, whether that be working from home, remotely or in a typical salon environment. 

You will then go on to learn all about the different products needed for a good lash extensions kit, and how to get the absolute best out of them. 

You’ll learn all about different eyelash extensions styles and how to create the perfect set for any client, to make them look and feel as stunning as they want and deserve to. 

Once you’ve covered all of the theory, you’ll start your practical work on a mannequin head to get you used to the feeling of isolating natural lashes and applying eyelash extensions. Once you’ve got the hang of that, you’ll be applying your very first set of lash extensions to a live model under the watchful eye of your Lash Trainer

Lash Trainer and Lash Technician applying lashes in a lash course

Once you’re done on the day, you’ll need to complete 3 case studies on live models and a theory exam in order to obtain your certificate, and from that day onwards you can book in and work on paying clients! 

After that, you’ll need to wait for 3 months before you take a lash course for Russian Volume lashes. Once you have that, the lash world is truly your oyster!

While taking a lash extension course anywhere will prepare you for a long, illustrious career, it's going to be better for you in the long run to take a lash course with a specialised academy. While beauty college courses and the like are a good investment when you’re not certain which aspect of beauty you want to focus on, and are of course great for meeting new people, taking your beauty course with an eyelash extensions academy will certainly benefit you. Not only do you get to have much smaller class sizes, resulting in more one-to-one time with the Lash Trainer, but you'll also get much more in-depth product knowledge, which means that if something goes wrong, you know exactly what to do to fix it! 


Did you know if you learn with London Lash that you can use Klarna or Clearpay to pay for your lash courses in instalments? And on the day of your lash course you can buy any London Lash products with a 30% discount, and receive a lifetime student discount of 10%!